Sunday 22 September 2013

Shard- A Review

Following my Illamasqua lust list post, I went ahead and treated myself to the lipstick from the collection- Shard. Retailing at £16.50, it was definitely an investment, but it's one that's proved to be worthy.

Shard is a beautiful, matte autumnal berry colour and is perfect for this coming season. It's quite buildable, but I found that if I just dabbed it on, although it was a subtle look it didn't photograph very well. I do sometimes struggle when applying matte lipsticks as they're such a dry consistency but with a coat of lip balm, this goes on like a breeze! 

One thing I can't quite decide on is it's staying power. The day I bought it I put it on and it lasted hours and hours, I even had to wipe my lips with a cleanser to take it off at night! However when I actually wore it on a night out, I did have to reapply it half way through the night. Just the once, mind! All in all, it does have great staying power, I just haven't decided if it has magnificent staying power just yet. 

I'm really glad I splashed out for this product as a) I know I'd just be pining for it if I didn't and b) the colour is beautiful. I can't wait to get more use out of it when I fully immerse myself into AW fashion again when the weather decides to stay chilly for more than a couple of days and I can get the glitter out. Do you have a signature AW lipstick or make up product? I'd love to try it!

Kate A x

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