Monday 16 September 2013

Revlon Lip Butters - Review

I got really excited a little while ago when I walked into Boots on my lunch break and spotted an offer on the Revlon stand! I've wanted to try the lip butters for a long time now as the blogging scene went a little bit crazy on them when they first came out. I picked up five shades (Red Velvet, Peach Parfait, Candy Apple, Provocative and Macaroon) and I'm actually really impressed!

The consistency is that of a lip balm. They're so moisturising, I've even used them at night when I can't find my favourite Burt's Bees balm! They come out as a sort of sheer gloss lip stick, but they're quite buildable and the shades are really wearable. I usually stick to matte shades when it comes to my lips, but these have almost converted me to the glossier territory.

 Candy Apple

Red Velvet

The first two shades, Candy Apple and Red Velvet are super buildable, and both have a real glossy sheen to them. I initially bought Candy Apple as it seems to be the one everyone raves about but although the colour is beautiful, sometimes it's difficult to make it look even even if it does feel super moisturising. Red Velvet is a gorgeous, vampy shade and will be perfect for Autum/ Winter with a low impact eye.


Peach Parfait

On to the glittery shades! Mararoon and Peach Parfait both have a bit of sparkle to them. Macaroon is the perfect "your lips but better" shade with added shimmer, and Peach Parfait adds a beautiful peachy (as the name says) tint with a gold glitter. Definitely my favourite out of the bunch!


Finally, Provocative is a little bit different. It looks scary, a bright purple colour in the stick, but comes out really sheer, with a hint of purple shimmer. I think it's great for when you can't really be bothered to have a full face of make up day but want that extra "something". I bought it as an impulse experiment really as I hadn't actually seen the pay off and wondered if purple lips were the way to go! I'm really glad it isn't actually bright purple and I've been wearing this one daily for work.

All in all, I'd recommend these lip butters to anyone, and I might even buy a few more. They'll be even better as the weather gets cooler and the heating get's switched on and our lips all need that extra moisture boost, whilst still looking great!

Kate A x


  1. I've got a few of these, I keep forgetting about them though! xx

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  2. I'm looking the look of Macaroon - might have to get it the next time I'm out x

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  3. Oh really cute colors, Peach Parfait was my favorite color.
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  4. love the colours, these look really nice

    anna (intheplayroom)

  5. loving the colours, they look lovely :)

  6. These look nice and the packaging is super cute, I love the thought of them being like a balm.

    Helen (UK Bloggers)

  7. these are all lovely colours don't think i could choose a favorite.

  8. revlon lip butters <3 love them! thanks for the swatches :)

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