Thursday, 26 September 2013

Better skin from within - Skinade

Hey sweeties!
Guess who's got something exciting to share with you, oh yes, me!

Lord knows I fight with my skin, every day I battle more issues with my face than I care to admit.
Have I found my Savior? Can you really 'drink your skin beautiful'?
Well sweeties, over the next 30 days, we are going to find out!
I have been lucky enough to receive 30 days worth of this wonder working drink and will be keeping you updated with my experience every week up until I give you my final summary on day 30.
So far I can tell you that it smells far worse than it tastes, I can't describe the smell and the colour is a little off-putting however it does actually taste quite fruity so don't be alarmed! 
Below is a little information about skinade and the magic it holds so have a read and make sure to check back on Thursday 3rd for my first update!

'Skinade made its debut at LFW, gracing the front row and backstage of the Julien MacDonald show. Celebs such as Harry StylesKelly OsbourneHilary Alexander and Julien MacDonald are drinking their skin beautiful after receiving their own daily boost of Skinade. So, if you see them walking down the street and notice their radiant complexion, you know how they got it.'

Five 150ml bottles for £15.00

Drink just one a day as part of a morning routine and the results are as follows:

After 4-6 days consumers begin to feel a difference describe their skin as softer and more hydrated.
After 10-14 days consumers begin to see a visible difference in their skin. They describe it as more uniform, smoother, radiant and glowing.
Between 2 to 4 weeks consumers describe their skin as firmer, plumper and begin to notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

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