Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beauty How Nature Intended

I'm one of those types of girls who believes in natural beauty remedies. I was an Administrator for a Women's Group and the tutor was doing a lesson on the importance of nature in your diet and how it can make you feel better within yourself and I did all the hand outs for this. 

You wouldn't believe what some stuff is good for. Below are my top 10 natural beauty remedies: 

1. You may have heard that Fish can make you smarter, that it's a brain food. Well that's true but fish that has a lot of omega-3's contains collagen which will keep your skin firmer and will reduce the risk of any early lines. 

2. You probably all know this one - Raw Cucumbers are really good for puffy eyes, they are one of natures anti-inflammatory's and can reduce puffiness, swelling and dark circles. Cucumbers have the same hydrogen level as skin and that's why we see it included in a lot of face and body washes and masks. It really is a wonder veg.

3. Now if you're British, who doesn't love a good cuppa. In my research I found out that drinking any type of tea can have it's good properties especially in the Summer. It can repair damaged skin cells (especially the green tea helps with this) and stops pollutents from damaging your skin. This is a doubley great beauty remedy as you can use it to give your hair a boost too! Just make it, let it go cold (obvs) and then apply it to your hair, pop a shower cap on and then after 15-20 mins rinse off. I know Tea made with Red Berries is great for Red Hair like mine. 

4. One of my personal favourites  - CHOCOLATE! We see it more and more being used in Spa beauty treatments, but why? Chocolate or the Cocao in Chocolate is a natural combat for stress! Dark Chocolate can also make your skin look better and it promotes hair growth. Now I don't recommend schoffing a whole bar every single day. Just a few pieces now and again to give your body a natural boost! Champneys Spa's offer their guest a "Chocolate Wrapper" for just £55 where your skin gets smothered in Chocolate and you receive a scalp massage and you can take in the aroma's of the chocolate. It is definitely a choccie lovers dream. 

5. Now I suppose you think that Oranges have the most Vitamin C in, well you might be right but my favourite intake of VitC is Strawberries. Vitamin C boosts your immune system but also makes you feel good on the inside so it shows on the outside. Strawberries also helps with your skins ability to hold moisture in your skin. Remember: Fresh is best! 

6. Fresh Kale is an amazing source of Calcium and it promotes healthy skin, hair and bones. A triple threat in my opinion. Now these may look like your run of the mill greens but they aren't, they make a great addition to a side salad replacing lettuce. They go perfect with some crunchy peppers and a dash of lemon juice!! 

Kale is darker than this but without the flash it was too dark lol.

7. Nuts such as Walnut's, Almonds and Pistachios are great for keeping your skin looking and feeling as young as possible. Nature really won when it gave us nuts! Now avoid sweetened nuts or salted nuts just roasted nuts are great! These nuts also contain Omega-3's which will also leave your skin feeling smoother.

8. Now I don't know about you but I have a little bit of cellulite and I've heard that eating Avacado is great for that. Although I've not tried it myself, I've heard that Gwyneth Paltrow swears by them and has them as a regular snack. And I've not seen an inch of cellulite on her! 

9. Sweet Potatoes! These bad boys pack a fistful of vitamins and health benefits! Containing Vitamins A B C E and K with Omega 3s, Potassium, Zinc and anti-oxidants. These will have a lot of benefits, whether they be boiled, mashed, sliced, chipped, crushed however you like them these will help with Skin, Brain Power, Immune System Boosts and lots of other wonderful things! Sweet potatoes taste delicious too, especially in a Sweet Potato mash with lots of butter. Mmmm. Where was I? Oh yea onto my last Natural Beauty Remedy. 

10. WATER!! Seems obvious but Water has so many beauty benefits and it doesn't take any fancy preparation or anything. Just a glass, a bottle, container is needed to hold it. Water helps - Hair, Skin, Health, Hydration and is just a natural beauty. 

Do you have any other Natural Beauty Remedies which you eat, drink or smother which makes you feel at your best? Then let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. I am liking the sound of a chocolate wrap xx

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  2. Great post! I'm craving some sweet potato now! :/