Wednesday 21 August 2013

Sam Faiers' Interview - Fake Bake's Real Women Fake It! Campaign

Fake Bake are on a mission to find real, inspirational women to join their brand. Sam Faiers is an ambassador and judge for Fake Bake's Real Women Fake it! Campaign, and I asked her some questions to get an insight into her views on both the competition and beauty.

Judges for Fake Bake's Real Women Fake It! Campaign:
BB Winner Josie Gibson, Fake Bake Founder Sandra and TOWIE's Sam Faiers
From July 22nd, Fake Bake have been scouring the country and encouraging ladies to nominate their friends and family for this amazing prize. ‘We want to hear about that colleague who juggles her career and motherhood and is still uber glam or that nurse who always looks top-to-toe perfection because she knows it cheers up her patients’ Sandra Mclumpha, Fake Bake consultant. 
The competition will be judged by much loved reality TV stars Sam Faiers from TOWIE and Big Brother’s Josie Gibson. A noted beauty journalist will also be joining the panel which will be headed up by Fake Bake’s very own Sandra Mclumpha. 
(Source: Fake Bake Real Women Fake It! Campaign Press Release)
What interested you in taking part in Fake Bake’s Real Women Fake it! Campaign?
I’ve known the brand for quite a long time now and Sandra (the founder of Fake Bake) and I have been friends from the day I started TOWIE, we’ve always kept in contact. So when she was telling me about encouraging real women to model and be a part of Fake Bake and the team, I definitely wanted to do it. With Josie and I being involved I think that we are really good judges because I feel like I am a real woman; not only because I haven’t had any surgery but because I’ve got natural curves and I appreciate a real woman and a working mum. I’m really looking forward to it.

Our favourite Fake Bake product is Flawless Darker, what’s your favourite Fake Bake product?
Mine is probably the Airbrush Instant Self Tan. It’s good because when you’re going out if you haven’t got time to fake tan you can put it on your arms and legs and it gives you a nice glow.

What is your number one beauty necessity?
Probably a moisturiser as I’m always really conscious of my skin and ageing, so I make sure I use a good face cream. Though it doesn’t have to be expensive, just nice and moisturising for my skin.

Who do you think would be the ideal candidate to win the Fake Bake Real Women Campaign?
I would like to see someone who is confident, bright and bubbly, and has got natural curves. There are already so many entrants and everyone has got a story behind them. We’ve still got a way to go yet... what I’m saying now I may completely change my mind when I meet them.

Do you find pressure in looking good 24/7 because you are often in the spotlight?
I suppose sometimes, but the point of our show and what we do is to look glamorous and look great. Though I’m actually quite casual…I think some people think we just wear heels and have our hair blow dried 24/7 but we don’t. However, when I’m going to an event where there’s probably going to be paparazzi I enjoy to pamper myself and look nice. But I don’t really feel pressured, I only do it as and when I want to. Say for example I’m going to the office and I’m going to do a bit of work for the shop then I’ve just got my leggings and jumper on.

What was the last beauty product you bought?
It was in Manchester in Selfridges. I spent about £200 in Mac makeup, including a new range of lipglosses.

You can follow Fake Bake's Real Women Fake It! Campaign through their Facebook Page here. You can also catch Sam on Twitter on @SamanthaFaiers


  1. My sister has always been a big fan of Fake Bake, it's a good colour for her skin tone. I on the other hand have NEVER had a successful fake tan - mostly cos I'm just rubbish at it ;) x

  2. My cousin swears by fake bake, I have never tried it, I have olive skin so tan well but end up looking a bit yellowy in winter

  3. Instantly the term real women puts me off. I'm pretty sure most people are real from a supermodel to a bloke to a plus size woman and every combination in between.

    I get the idea but for me it goes against the grain. I'm not saying this to start a debate or owt like that just my pov xxx

  4. I definitely recommend that you give it a try LizT! And Steph C I totally understand your POV, very good point to make...I think its meant to be more directed at how she hasn't had cosmetic surgery and doesn't starve herself like a lot of other celebrities do xxx

  5. I´ve tried fake bake but it was faaaar too dark for me :/