Friday 9 August 2013

My New Make-Up Love

Over the few months I have gained a new love for a make-up brand which has seriously shocked me: Soap & Glory cosmetics. I have loved Soap & Glory body and haircare for years, like I have always gotten it for Christmas.

Earlier this year I went to a Cabaret night and I was faffing about and getting seriously worked up about how my make up looked, I felt orange and unnatural because I was so unhappy I kept layering the foundation and concealer on. My sister Sarah then calmed me down and offered to do my make up in return for doing her hair all the time. She used S&G Solar Powder Bronzer, Lid Stuff in "What's Nude" and Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder which felt so light on my skin and it looked so natural. I was seriously happy with it.

Source top 2: Soap & Glory Website

I received £30 Boots vouchers and knew exactly where I wanted to go, the S&G cosmetics section where I treated myself to a "Kick-Ass" Concealer, Solar Powder and Archery Eyebrow Crayon and Tint which were on 3 for 2 which only came up to £21 which I was made up with because I was able to buy some necessities with the rest of my voucher. (Subsequently leaving me with £0.04 on a giftcard)

This week I got sent a Thick & Fast HD Mascara in Film Noir, it's beautiful - the brush is the best I've seen in a while, it's got a network of combing and curling surfaces to give length and definition. Definitely on the money for Dramatic lashes without the hassle of falsies. Coming in at £10.50, it is definitely a bargain for what I would say is one of my new fave mascaras. The packaging couldn't be more luxurious, Gold and Black it could easily get mistaken for a premium brand mascara. 

I found a set I got for Christmas called "Tricks of the Shade" which I had never really used before but when I looked inside when I found it a couple of month ago I found all the shades from the "What's Nude" Lid Stuff Palette (£10) which my sister had used and has some of the best colours to use for a base shade. It also came with a SuperCat Eyeliner Pen which I gave to my sister's friend Kayleigh because she had lost hers and was gutted so did my good deed and gave it to her. It also came with a duo shadow brush, one I use for my base shades and the other for darker shades and colours. It has 12 colours to choose from from a Beige base colour to an Eggplant purple, with a range of Matt's and Shimmer's. It's got a lovely big mirror inside too, this will definitely be coming on holiday to Vegas with me.

The "Kick Ass" Concealer is definitely one of the products I recommend the most to my friends. The best concealer I have used and I've used Benefit, Clinique, YSL and this has been the best and the lightest on my pocket at only £10 for 2 X 2.6g. This is called a 3 Piece Camouflage Kit. The best thing is you get a face concealer, an under eye concealer and you get this really great sealing powder. It's really good because especially if you have patchy skin and dark circles, I wear glasses all the time so my dark circles are really noticeable when I wear my contacts and this really gives me a brighter look.

Solar Powder is my go to bronzer now, it's dual colours so it doesn't ever look dirty on your face like some bronzer's can make you look. It also doesn't have any shimmer which is great for a more natural look. It's only £11 which is great, it gives a lovely colour and you don't have to use a lot to get the desired look.

My Archery Brow Tint and Precision Crayon is my baby, I've mentioned this before but being from Liverpool, it's all about the BROWS baby! It's £10 and comes in both Brown and Blonde shades. This is a great tool to use to create the perfect brows. It is long lasting and gives me brows that Cara Delevingne would be envious of. The best part is you can just be subtle and just use a bit of the tint and create a little definition with the crayon or you can go full on Scouse Brow!

The products used in the above picture are the Lid Stuff in What's Nude, Archery in Brownie Points and Thick & Fast HD Mascara.

The Soap and Glory website has some great tutorials on how to use their products effectively and is well worth a look.

I have got my eyes on the Show Good Face foundation and primer and Love At First Blush multi-shade blushing powder. I'm not much of a lipstick fan but I have heard rave reviews about their Matte Fabulipstick! And anyone that LOVES a little plumpness in their lips then Sexy Mother Pucker lip pluming gloss (£9) is for you which has PLUMPING MICROSPHERES which plump up the appearance of your lips. I have tried this product before and loved the tingles but I don't wear lip products enough to want to buy it for myself.

Below is a before and after picture to show how well the products work, as I have been feeling a little sick lately my skin has gone bad but the products cover up well enough to give me flawless looking skin (ie no spottys or blemishes!)

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  1. I need the Tricks of the Shade palette! Do review the mascara soon!
    My Beauty Junction

  2. Tricks of the Shade came out about Christmas but it's just a compilation of the 3 Lid Stuff Mini Palettes.

    I'll be doing a full review of the mascara in the next 2 weeks so keep a look out for my links! :) x

  3. I wanted the Tricks of the Shade palette but resisted during Christmas time but I'm gutted now and might pick it up this year if they sell it again! Lovely post x

    Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  4. Great Post might have to haul lots this xmas, love their xmas deals x

    1. Should keep an eye on the S&G website because they always have offers on. I bought the concealer, archery and bronzer on 3 for 2 and this weekend I bought the foundation and blush for 2 for £15 which is fantastic for the quality of the make-up xx

  5. These look great will have to give them a go x

  6. I've never tried any S&G products before but you've certainly tempted me x