Friday, 16 August 2013

My Last 5 Purchases (plus a few freebies!)

1. Fake RayBans
Cost: 4 Euros
I really don't see the point in spending a fortune on real RayBans when you can get ones that look exactly the same for a fraction of the price. I bought these on holiday on Greece recently and have had a few people think that they are real! They are really comfortable to wear and clear to see through. The RayBan style of sunglasses is extremely popular at the moment and you can find them for cheap in just about any high street shop.

 2. Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish
Cost: £4.49
I fancied a new light pink nail polish as all of mine had dried out. This polish is really easy to apply and has a nice consistency as it dries pretty quickly. It hasn't chipped yet but I've only worn it for 2 days so far.

 3. Urban Outfitters Ring
Cost: £9 (with 10% Student Discount)
I have a thing for blue/turquoise rings - they look so nice and can be worn with just about any outfit! Also as this ring is not too big but still makes a statement it is perfect to wear to work to add some detail to your look. I sometimes find large rings too annoying and heavy. Plus this colour looks great with a tan in the summer.

4. Missguided Swing Dress
Cost: £19.99
I bought this dress for my cousin's wedding which is in a few weeks time, but I also think it's perfect as a summer day dress. It's also ideal for a date, and in the winter I could wear it with black tights.
It looks fairly short in the photo but it isn't, also you can adjust the straps to different lengths which is great.
Another note to add is that Missguided delivery was really good - they posted it quickly and before kept me updated about my parcel's progress with a text and emails.

5. Apricot dress from Debenhams
Cost: £17
I bought this dress for my graduation which is in September (weirdly a lot later than most Uni's!). Apparently our robes have an awkward bright orange and blue colour scheme so I thought I'd go with a neutral colour for my dress. The length goes about to the knee and its fairly tight fitting.
This dress will also be useful for job interviews/work, and I think would make a nice skirt when wearing a jumper/top.
Freebie: Nail Stickers
In the last issue of Cosmo I got some free nail stickers inside a Peugeot advert! I thought it was a pretty good idea and tried them out....

And as you can see they're a lovely colour and look quite neat, however I had to take them off after about 10 minutes! This was because they kept getting air bubbles around the edges and I had to keep pressing them down. To be honest it just didn't feel nice having stickers on my nails, it felt well, just a bit strange, like they were going to fall off. I'm wondering if maybe I wasn't supposed to have a base coat on my nails? Maybe having polish underneath stops them from sticking properly. The upside of nail stickers is not having to wait for the polish to dry, which annoys me so much sometimes!

And finally...

When I bought my ring from Urban Outfitters they gave me a free newspaper, but it wasn't just any ordinary newspaper. It contained posters of artwork, created by people who work for the company. I thought it was such a good idea and used a few of the posters to brighten up my room (please excuse the horrible purple paint from about 10 years ago). They were great for covering up marks and chips on the walls and brightening the room up. I seriously need to paint the walls now!!!