Tuesday 6 August 2013

Shoe Collection, the heels edition.

Hey sweeties!
Kerri here... I thought you might like to take a look at something I am clearly quite passionate about, my heels collection!
Details below of some of the shoes, although they may not all be available to buy any more.

Shoe number 1 - Sent to me as a gift but I believe they can be found at either asos or boohoo.
Shoe number 2 - New look £25
Shoe number 3 - I THINK these bad boys were from misguided and cost around £35-40 
Shoe number 4 - River Island - £65
Shoe number 5 - I can't remember which, but these were from either BANK or Republic and cost around £20-25
Shoe number 6 - New look (sale) £12
Shoe number 7 - Dorothy Perkins £27

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