Tuesday 7 May 2013

The Perfect Pedicure

With summer fast approaching (huzzah!) it will soon be time to break out your feet and put on your best sandals. After a winter hidden away in boots and woolly socks our feet can be looking a little worse for wear and nothing is much disgusting then lumpy yellow toenails and peeling skin. Why spend money on a beautiful pair of sandals only for your feet to let you down?

Luckily getting nice feet doesn’t have to involve an expensive and lengthy trip to the salon, you can achieve perfectly good results in the comfort of your own home. 
Firstly I like to give my feet a good soak in some warm water with a nice bubble bath. You can use an old washing up bowl for this or just do it in the bath. Give any dry patches a scrub with an exfoliator (my favourite is the Champneys foot scrub) then towel dry. 

Massage a cuticle butter into your nails then gently push your cuticles back (never clip your cuticles as this is where the nail grows from and clipping can cause infections and poor growth) Both The Body Shop Hemp Hand Oil and Lush Lemony Flutter are nice. 

 Add a good moisturiser; if you want something cooling The Body Shop Peppermint lotion is really soothing and nice. Wipe over your nails with nail polish remover to remove any excess lotion which will cause your polish to peel off.

Apply a clear base coat then your favourite polish. I find bright colours are great for toes - I often like to mix and match a few! Use a topcoat to give a pretty shine and you’re good to go!

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