Thursday 2 May 2013

Seventeen's On The Spot Foundation - Does it hit the spot?

I've just been lucky enough to have one of the new Seventeen (formally Boots 17) foundations pop through my letterbox. Despite being 21 my skin is still very much a teenagers. My T zone is my problem area and occasionally I get those huge spots where you feel they are taking over your face. I'm therefore really excited to be trying this new product!

It claims to give you clearer skin in 4 weeks. So here it goes. For the next 4 weeks, this will be my daily foundation.

Foundation with the lid off, I apply with a sponge to stop my fingers putting bacteria onto my face!

 I actually really like the packaging, it's very different to any other foundation, and I love the pump top, keeping all the nasty air bacteria out! I think it's a great feature for a foundation that is being marketed as a one that clears up skin.

Look of the foundation straight from the tube
Blended with a sponge
This foundation calls itself as a 'full coverage foundation'. I think it offers a nice coverage, not too cakey that it sticks to spots and imperfections, yet full enough to make a difference to hide them! It doesn't feel heavy on the skin either, which I love.

Here is a picture of me makeup free...note the patchy chin and odd spot here and there....I'll be posting more photos over the next four weeks to see if it really does hit the spot and give me clearer skin in 4 weeks.

Patchy skin....lets see if it improves over the next few weeks!

On The Spot foundation will be available from Boots for £6.99 or 699 Boots points in a couple of weeks time. You can get on the waiting list for it here!

Becky xx

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