Tuesday 7 May 2013

Primark £1 Eyelashes *Bargain Alert!'

One of my many beauty obsessions are my beloved false eyelashes.. I love how they transform your entire look, Weather they are full fluttery lashes for those nights out.. or a simple everyday pick me up when you feel like you need a little extra sparkle!

How frustrating is it when you spend £6+ on a pair of lashes and on stumbling back from a night out you misplace/ ruin them! 

I must have tried so many different types and always fall back to the same ones, Primark' very own Sultry lashes for an amazing £1.. 

I find these are the perfect lashes for everyday wear or special occasions because they are full but not too dramatic. They last really well if looked after and get a lot of use out of one pair. 

A self shot before a night out!

I have no complaints about these eyelashes they are EXCELLENT quality, Amazing value for money. For be it I would highly suggest a better glue (I use eyelure and it is fantastic) as the ones you get with the lashes are always a bit well rubbish. 

Have you tried these lashes? Please share your thoughts!! 

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