Tuesday 7 May 2013

Nivea Stress Protect

Review: Nivea Stress Protect Stick - Female

Nearly 2 weeks ago I got sent some Nivea goodies. The most interesting of these was the new Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant Cream Stick. It is a new range that Nivea have brought out to battle stress sweating. 

When I first got this product I didn't know what to expect as I usually use sprays and this cream was a new experience. When I opened it, it just looked what Nivea portray, it was clean white and smelt fresh but not overbearing. I have used this product every single day since I got it. 

I have sensitive underarms, prone to bouts of rashing when I try new deodorants, but for this deodorant, this was not the case. I persume it came down to it being a stick rather than a spray. I feel really clean and protected whilst wearing it. It really is a top notch product from Nivea. 

It has 48 hours gentle care and that's a massive bonus because I'm constantly buying deodorant whilst I'm out and about if I forget to put any on but luckily this does work, I put it on in the mornings and after I'd dried after a bath. Doesn't leave any ugly marks on my clothes either - MAJOR BONUS

There is really only one major problem with this, and that it that it doesn't last very long. I am on day 12 with it and I will probably be buying a new one next week.

I highly recommend this for girls (and men, they have a men's version) that are constantly on the move, working in hot offices, students with deadlines. Everyone.

RRP: £2.55 - Nivea

  1. Doesn't have an obearing smell
  2. Small enough to pop into handbag
  3. Does last a long time
  4. Good for even sensitive skin

  1. It does run down really quickly

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