Friday 17 May 2013

Spot The Difference With Witch

Hey Beauties,

Skin Care has been a massive priority this month...the weather this year being so un-predictable (and to say the least freaky) has seriously affected my skin causing dryness and spots.

Spots have never been a massive issue for me expect for the usual monthly spots at that time of month, I have been quite lucky in the spot department but not these months. It may be down to Adult Acne that may be starting or stress but I do think it's been the weather.

So I have been researching and looking into products to combat this and have come across Witch Spot Treatment.

I was instantly drawn to this as it came in a stick form, I have always been dubious of using creams or pens they always seem un-hygienic so I liked this stick form.

Once opened the product is a solid blue formula which is cooling when applied to the spot. Witch doesn't claim to instantly get rid of spots but when I applied onto my spots the formula turned cold on them and within ten minutes reduced the redness of the spot and by the hour my spots where reducing slowly.

I love that you can apply liberally and often. The cooling is a welcome change especially on angry spots and using this treatment got rid of my spots within two days. I love this and will be using it again.

Product Score 5/5


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