Saturday, 4 May 2013

Splurge and Save - Toiletries

With summer holidays coming up we all need to have to be a little more careful spending money. Toiletries are a necessity for every girl and if we think about the money we spend on just keeping clean and smelling great before we even think about make-up. This is a post on products we would usually splurge on and alternative products that are just pennies leaving extra spending money for other activities. (I personally am saving for a holiday in Vegas so these products are real life savers and just as good if not better than their more expensive counterparts.) 

Shampoo & Conditioner

I have red hair so I like my shampoo and conditioner to keep my colour vibrant and healthy. Both these shampoo and conditioner combos do exactly that! 

Splurge: John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Magnifying Original Shampoo & Conditioner - £5.39 each (Boots)

Save: Schwarzkopf Supersoft Colour Shine Red Berries Shampoo & Conditioner - £1.00 each (Home Bargains)

Saving: £8.78

Argan Oil

Who would of thought about putting oil on your hair? Well Argan Oil is amazing and leave your hair feeling really healthy and strong. It is an intensive hydrating treatment which is really good to use once a week, especially if you use a lot of heat on your hair.

Splurge: HASK Argan Oil 10ml - £2.50 (Primark)

Save: Argan Oil 100ml - £1.99 (Home Bargains)

Saving: A HUGE £23.01 

Skin Repair

These are oils for the skin to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Perfect for people who are a little self-conscious about getting their bikini bodies out because of scars or stretch marks. I personally buy this because I've had surgery and I'm trying to reduce the redness of a nice 12" scar at the back of my leg.

Splurge: Bio Oil 60ml - £8.99 (Boots)

Save: Rescue Oil 75ml - £1.99 (Home Bargains)

Saving - £7.00

Cocoa Body Butter

Great for dry skin, smells even better! I love Cocoa Butter it nourishes the skin, best for use on dry or rough skin. 

Splurge: Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Jar 100g - £3.25 (Superdrug)

Save: dermaVio Cocoa Body Butter 220ml - £0.89 (Home Bargains)

Saving: £2.36 (Maybe more if I could transfer grams to mls) 

Tea Tree Facial Wipes

I think these are a toiletry staple, great for daily use but also great for taking make-up off without the use of lots of harsh chemicals. 

Splurge: Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Cleansing Wipes 25s - £3.39 (Boots)

Save: Tea Tree Daily Use Cleansing Facial Wipes 2x25s - £0.79 (Home Bargains)

Saving: £5.99

By buying cheaper alternatives I have saved myself: £47.14

Places I can recommend for cheaper alternatives are: 

  1. Home Bargains (My Fave)
  2. Bodycare
  3. B&M

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