Wednesday 29 May 2013

Hair Obsession

My obsession with hair began when I was very young. When I was in infant school I had very tatty hair that if you let grow long it would just be in a constant knots, gaining me the name "Tatty Head" from my mum. I used to get it cut VERY short into a little bob

I'm about 4/5 here

So when I went into junior school I learned how to do my hair myself so if it hurt I only had myself to blame. By doing this it opened up my love for experimenting with different styles. I used to watch my mum do my sisters hair when she plaited it in and I taught myself how to plait and braid. A skill I still use to this day. 

I then went into Seniors and then the fun began when I could start experimenting properly, with colours. When I was about 11 my sister bought a blond dye and I snook into her room and used the undiluted colourant on my natural blonde highlights in my mousey hair, it turned bright orange! It was not a good look but I knew as soon as I seen the way it changed that I could not wait to be able to colour my own hair. When I was 15 my mum let me get highlights.

This was when I found out that changing your hair can completely change how the world sees you. With different ways to colour and style it there are also so many different ways even slight trims can really make a difference. Every now and again I get all my hair cut off short and sometimes I just get a fringe cut in.

I loved them and from then on the world was my hair colourant oyster. 

I've been Dark Brown, Ginger, Blonde and Auburn

I don't just love colouring my hair I love styling it. I just looked up youtube videos of how to do cross-head braids, GHD curling, wand waving, putting rollers in (bendy, normal, thermal and sleep-in). The different ways to style hair are amazing and new ways are always cropping up. 

Being scouse I love being a Prinny (Scouse Princess) so I love getting the rollers out and having big beautiful glossy hair. They are so easy to use, my favourite rollers to use are sleep-in rollers which are so light and you can nap in them. The longer they are kept in the more volume you get. You can get them from bargain stores like Home Bargains, B&M, Savers or you can go to Boots and Superdrug.

As of late I have tried one thing which I think is amazing. Hair Chalking! I heard a tip from Jess one of our other bloggers that she's chalked her hair using old eyeshadows. I found a massive eyeshadow pallette I got for Christmas unopened so I gave it a go and was so impressed. 

As you can see I used a mixture of blue, pink and purple. If you wet the hair, apply the eyeshadow and dry it with the hairdryer on cool it seals the colour until you next wash your hair. It's great for a temporary, gentle change. 

My Favourite Hair Products

Trevor Sorbie Heat Defense Blow-Dry Spray - £5.10 Boots
Garnier Fructis Colour Last Shampoo and Conditioner - 99p Each Home Bargains
Umberto Giannini Catwalk Beauty Hairspray - £5.61 Boots

My Favourite Hair Tools

Babyliss Waving Wand - £24.94

Babyliss Elegance Straighteners - £39.99

TRESemm√© Ceramic Paddle Brush - £4.66

Thanks for reading my hair obsession story.

Do you have any new hair tips for me or would you like me to give you any advice on any of styling I've spoken about today? 


  1. I really like your hair Dark X

  2. I do too but the dark is really hard upkeep I get really noticeable mousey blonde roots. At least with the dark red I can take more time between dying x

  3. You look gourgeous with dark hair