Sunday 26 May 2013

Le Volume de Chanel

Now, I'm sure near enough every girl I know is on a quest to find the perfect mascara, and will spend hundreds of pounds in her lifetime trying to find the one that's right for her. Nothing is ever quite good enough, that perfect combination of volume and length and, let's face it, she always strives for better. Enter Le Volume de Chanel, the one mascara that has come the closest. 

I have relatively stubby lashes, and all I've ever wanted is a mascara that takes them to the length only false lashes can. I'd love to try lash extensions but in reality they're far to expensive to keep up with. I received this sample in the post a few days ago and I am sold. In a few coats it took my lashes to lengths I have only obtained before with a combination of about four mascaras that was quite frankly a hassle and a complete waste of time. It stayed in place the whole day but came off super easily with my usual make-up remover. Although the price for a full size bottle at £24 is not for those on a budget, I might actually consider investing. Has anyone else fallen in love?

Without Mascara

With Le Volume de Chanel

Kate x


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