Saturday, 16 November 2013

Transformulas Youthful Hands Review

I always say you can tell a ladies age by her hands, no matter how youthful her face may look; wrinkled, pigmented hands always give the game away. 

Transformulas have come up with an innovative product to give ageless beauty called Youthful Hands, the unique selling point being that the results are as effective as surgery yet without the pain and price of going under the knife. It is a nourishing hand cream that has a variety of benefits including:
·         Plumping the skin
·         Fading pigmentation
·         Tackling wrinkles
·         Softening, protecting and repairing

I have been using this product now for about 4 weeks and I have seen fantastic results. The cold weather and lack of a dishwasher means my hands are subject to a lot of abuse and this hand cream has been wonderfully smoothing. It seems to instantly brighten and smooth the appearance of my hands giving them an instant lift as well as coating them in a non-sticky soothing layer of protection. It has also cured my sore dry patches and prevented any new ones from appearing so I’m definitely going to keep using this, especially into the colder months. 

I do think this would make a lovely Christmas gift (especially for a mother or aunty) as it is a beautiful luxury product, a real treat to keep on your bedside table and the packaging is gorgeous – very expensive looking with a lovely sturdy lid and an elegant silver tube.

You can pick up your own 75ml Youthful Hands cream from the Transforumlas website for £29.95 here:
*pr sample

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