Thursday 7 November 2013

Little Mix For Collection Cosmetics

I'll be completely honest with you here. I'm a massive fan of Little Mix, I've seen them live, read their book, got some of their merch (even wanted a top with them on but only went up to a L and I'm not an L) and now I have their make up range by COLLECTION COSMETICS

Photo Source: The Celeb Culture

Now I expected a lot from this range because Collection has always been my Go To Bargain cosmetics brand. At first I wasn't very impressed, the packaging is a bit on the bland side but then I remembered, this isn't being aimed at my age group, it's being aimed at Tweenyboppers, so those with teen daughters, cousins, friends, nieces keep your eyes open and keep reading haha. So with my Tweenybopper cap on I've judged these as fairly as possible. I was sent a small selection but some of the more integral products in the range. 

Firstly Jesy's Lipstick (RRP £2.99) it's a bright red, perfect for those with a bit of pout (which unfortunately for me is not the case) the colour is rich and there is a lot of moisture and my swatch was very long lasting which is amazing for the price. Like I do like the packaging of this and the Little Mix symbol on the top is just really cute. Perfect for a Festive make up look. 

Next up Leigh-Anne's Bronzer (RRP £2.99) I love the multi-tonal colours in this, it is a bit dark so only a light dusting is needed but it really is lovely and the wear is great. When I wore it I got told I looked glowing, so I hope that's a good thing haha. The packaging isn't impressive but the product surely makes up for that. 

Now to my fave, Jade's Rock It Glitter Liner (RRP £2.99) the pigment in the colour is beautiful! It's a bright blue glitter liquid liner and the colour really makes my grey eyes pop. Easy to use and it is great for a party/disco dancing look. The packaging again isn't much but it does show exactly the colour of the liner and that's all you need.

Finally, I got sent 2 mascara's Leigh-Anne's Crystal Clear Mascara and Jade's Defining Mascara (RRP Both £2.99) I love Collection Mascara's and these don't disappoint. Both making my lashes long and well defined. I really loved the look they gave me and for the price it's a pretty amazing deal. 

In this range there are also Nail Polishes, Eyeshadows, Blushes and it's all under £3 perfect for if your teenage daughter, sister or niece is just getting into make-up and you don't want to spend a fortune. Great quality and not too over the top. I'd even recommend them for those that are looking for a quick party look and don't have a huge budget. 

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  1. Now I am definitely not a Tweenybopper, but I love Little Mix. I think the eye liner looks fab and I might just check it out. I don't have any coloured eye liners, so this could be worth me getting to see if I like the look!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the look of jade liner... such a strong, awesome colour

  3. glad my daughter not really into make up yet at 10! this looks fab though

  4. Oooh I love the colours on these! I don't wear bright colours in the day but when I go out I quite like a bit of sparkle x

  5. I keep seeing these on blogs. I don't really know anything about Little Mix so I probably wouldn't be drawn towards anything endorsed by them. However, some of the pieces look really lovely so I may have to give them a try ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. My daughter's only 2 so I have a few years thankfully before the arguments over makeup :) I plan to have thoroughly double standards.

  7. Perfect pricing for teens, love the glitter eyeliner!

  8. oh that bronzer looks ace. I've been looking for a new one for a while now.

  9. I can't wait til my little miss is older and I can take her shopping for bits like this. They have some fab ranges available for younger ones these days :)

  10. The lipstick looks very pigmented & so does the eyeliner. I might pick up a few bits & see how I get on with them