Saturday 11 May 2013

No pain, no gain!

'No boyfriends were harmed in the making of this blog'  

Hey sweeties :)

This week I was very kindly sent some wax strips to review. Apart from the 'cover up' stage when waiting for the hair to be long enough to wax again, I much prefer the results of waxing and how long it lasts compared to other methods. 

Unfortunately I received the wax strips at an awkward time as I hadn't actually got anything to wax off... Lucky for me I have a boyfriend ;) 

Before I really get into this I would like to recommend that you get someone else to do the waxing for you, as these strips are rather 'grippy' and pulling them off yourself may not be the easiest of challenges.

The wax strips themselves look like sheets of plastic, (apologies for lack of pictures, I was enjoying myself far too much and totally forgot).
They are actually 2 sheets of plastic stuck together by the wax, which is pink by the way! So you rub the strips between your hands to warm them up, peel them apart slowly and each side should then become its own wax strip - easy!

This box contained 20 strips and 4 'post-depilation wipes'. 
You can use each strip until it's no longer doing it's job then move on to the next.
Considering my boyfriend, as expected, has/had considerably hairier legs than myself, I managed to do nearly a whole leg with the 20 strips and that was after only being able to use the strips once per strip, make sense?

Apart from having to warm the strips up for a fairly long time before being able to peel them apart ready for use, they applied reasonably easily and removed the hair VERY effectively, I didn't have to go over any areas and the expressions on my boyfriend's face for the most part told me it wasn't awfully painful.

They  were easy to use, 100% mess free and the results are pretty amazing, even on a man's leg... :P

The wipes provided  for when you've finished removed any 'stickiness' left behind and didn't cause any discomfort.
Over all I am impressed and would recommend them over other brands, especially veet.

I'll get a picture up as soon as possible :)

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