Friday 10 May 2013

MUA Power pout an alternative to Revlon Just bitten kissable?

So after becoming a fan of the revlon just bitten kissable balm stains I couldnt wait to try out the new MUA Power pout, after my local superdrug gave its MUA stand a much needed makeover I couldnt resist picking up a couple of these along with some of their other new products!
So my first impression was the price, these MUA balm stains were priced at just £3 where as the revlon balm stains are priced at £7.99 at superdrug,making a difference of nearly £4! I was interested to see whether or not the difference in price was actually worth it or not.

So what do they look like? as you can see the packaging is very similar to that of revlon, and it would be very easy to confuse the two products, the use of twisting the top to release more product is very effective as is the same technique used with the revlon revlon product, this products are so easy to apply and can be easily done without a mirror.

I have purchased two of the MUA power pouts, the first being Rendezvous and the second being Irreplaceable.
Rendezvous is more of a peach and is the colour swatched on the right, and the product itself is the one on the right below due to the camera, this colour looks much more corally but when applied to the lips its much more of a natural lip colour.
Irreplaceable is a pink but not a really bright pink which definitley in my opinion makes it much more wearable, this is swatched on the left and shown on the right in the photo below.
The colour pay off of these is definitley not as bright as that of revlon, however this may be just the two colours i have chosen purchased, I do not feel this is bad as these products are much more wearable and will definitley be a product I will be keeping in my handbag and using throughout the summer on a day basis.

The major plus for these in my opinion is the balance of moisture and colour they provide, this product is so moisturising that my lips instantly feel refreshed.

I personally much prefer these as the colours arent so bright, so for me these are much more suitable for everyday wear.



  1. I'm going to try one when I see them next, I have one of the Revlon ones and think it smells a bit strange lol xo

  2. yeah definitley worth a shot! i prefer the formula of these! and for £3 you cant complain! :) x