Monday 20 May 2013

Bargain Beauty Buys - Haul.

I'm a sucker when it comes to a bargain beauty buy. I have to be dragged away kicking and screaming to resist! (Well, not quite as dramatic, but you get the idea!)
Being a full time Mum, its not always possibly to 'splash the cash' on full priced items, so when I can come away with the item I want or need and save myself a few quid, its definitely an added bonus.
In the past week i've been fortunate enough to snap up a few bargains. The savings on the RRP actually amount to more than the total expenditure which is pretty good going, if I do say so myself.
My haul of beauty bargain buys.
1 & 2.
St Moriz Instant self tanning mousse in Dark - 200ml
St Moriz Instant self tanning mist in Medium - 150ml
I found myself running out of fake tan, so needed a bit of a top up. I decided to go with my trusty cheap and cheerful(also very popular!) brand, St Moriz, so popped down to my local Home Bargains. I picked up the foam and the mist as I was running low on both. They are usually both priced at £2.99 a bottle. I get really good results with St Moriz and the price is definitely great for the size of the products. Both bottles were ticketed for half the price as they didn't have their lids! As you can see they were not sampled in the shop so for half the price I was certainly not leaving without them!!
RRP: £6.98 for both.
Paid: £2.98 for both.

Kylie Minogue Darling 30ml.
Me and my other half had gone into ASDA to pick up some bits for tea and the inner magpie in me saw a super pretty, shiny, pink box on a stand at the end of an aisle. Upon closer inspection I realised they had a massive reduction on a selection of their perfumes. I picked up this one as I know its a stunning scent, which would be perfect for daytime wear. Plus I absolute love the packaging and its looks gorgeous sat on my dressing table!
RRP: £10
Paid: £6.50
White Glo Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste Professional Choice - 100ml
I'm pretty sure every girl who contributes to this blog has tried this toothpaste. We were sent it as a sample product when we were in More! magazines beauty hot 100! Now, I personally would not pay the best part of £4 for what is claimed to be a whitening toothpaste, when you can pick them up for the £1 mark, without definite proof that it does what it claims to do! (Possibly the cheapskate coming out in me?!) However, when I used this as part of a tried and tested I had noticeable results within a week. My teeth were definitely dramatically whiter by the time the tube had run out. Unfortunately I did not keep up with the use of the product and as a result my teeth did not keep up their beutiful whiteness! When I saw this toothpaste had 1/3 off in boots, I snapped one up. The toothpaste comes with its own anti-stain toothbrush and pack of flossers. A small snippet of information from the boots website - 'The White Glo formula was originally developed for people in the film industry who require utmost facial beautification.' Well, if its good enough for them, its good enough for me!!
RRP: £3.99
Paid: £2.66
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Desert Beige - 30ml
Since my teenage years I have been an avid user of drugstore foundations. The results of a baby, getting older and smoking have taken its toll on my skin, so I was looking for something more! I asked around and researched and decided to go and get a sample of this foundation. Needless to say I was sold!! £27.50 is a bit steep for foundation in my opinion but the results are priceless! When Debenhams had their 10% off, I picked up a bottle in my correct shade.
RRP: £27.50
Paid: £24.75
Max Factor Vibrant Curve Lipgloss in 'Understated' -
If you've never heard of Social Discount Network, I suggest you add them on facebook or head over to their website right now! They have new deals up daily, though they are not a groupon style website. I do find them a bit hit and miss but some of the deals they offer are amazing. I've had about 10 items off them in the past month, this being one of them! I actually bought it because I was already purchasing something off the website so for an extra 99p, I was snapping one up! Its a clear lipgloss, though quite watery so does need topping up more often but it lacks that god awful 'hair stick to face'ness about it! The lipgloss has a very subtle glitter to it and it smells absolutely divine! It's not something i'd pick up full price but for 99p, it was definitely worth it.
RRP: £7.99
Paid: 99p
SleepeZzze rollers. - 20 pieces.
I LOVE big hair. I HATE the faff that comes with achieving big hair!! If the name doesn't give it away, these are sleep in rollers! I've been wanting to try some for a while now, but non I have come across have been in my budget. When I saw this pack of 20 for just £2.99, I almost exploded with excitment! Achieve big, voluminous locks whilst you sleep. What can be better than that?!! I'm yet to try these so not sure how well they work, but i'll be sure to update when I do! If anyone has any tips for sleep in rollers please leave a comment below!
RRP: £15.99
Paid: £2.99
Charles Worthington, Salon at home. Shine booster kit.
Good hair is very important to me. Admittedly I don't have much time to do my hair so it is often scraped back or in a bun, but I do appreciate shiny, healthy looking hair. I was debating between this kit and the Repair kit in Home bargains but ultimately the shine won, that inner magpie again! This was an absolute steal at £3.99 as it currently sells in boots for £19.99! I certainly would not have paid that for it. The box says it does 4 applications which is pretty fair for the price paid. I'm yet to use this too however it smells beautiful! i'm definitely looking forward to doing so and hoping I achieve super shiny looking locks.
RRP: £19.99
Paid: £3.99
Total RRP: £92.44
Total Paid: £44.86
Savings: £47.58

Have you picked up any bargains recently? Or maybe you've tried a product listed? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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