Tuesday 28 May 2013

Night time routine

 Hey sweeties

As I love watching morning/night routines on YouTube I figured Id try writing my night time routine up for you all, as if I'm being truthful, mornings are not my friend.

I like to start off by getting changed into my sweats or jammies, bed socks, and a hoodie - preferably the boyfriends :) Personally I think you cant beat David&Goliath when it comes to lounge wear and jammies, but I do love my sweat pants from New Look right now.

I've really started looking after my skin recently so I'll start by pinning my hair back and taking my makeup off with a face wipe before heading to the bathroom to use my new favourite cleanser - Loreal skin perfection cleansing oil. This stuff is AMAZING and if you'd like a full review please let me know in the comments below!

After that, I'll use my St.Ives apricot scrub. I love to use this very quickly in the morning to give my skin a boost but when I use it in the evening I like to spend a good 30 seconds really massaging it into my skin before splashing it off with cold water.

All cleansed and scrubbed up, I head up to my bedroom to sit at my vanity and apply a moisturiser. I am yet to find one that I love so at the moment, its literally whatever I have in front of me. 
However, two things I do absolutely LOVE are my lip scrubs from Lush and a good lip balm. Both things I use religiously, every single night.

Once all that's done, there's only a couple of things left to do... Make a hot chocolate, light some candles or maybe even the fire, put on my blanket with sleeves (do they have a specific name?) and snuggle down to watch some tele or if I'm feeling nerdy, stick my glasses on and read m' book!

So there we have it, my night time routine in it's simplest form :)
Let me know what your night time essentials are.
Sweet dreams! 
Kerri x

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