Thursday 9 May 2013

'Hi, my name's Becky and I'm addicted to Benefit'

Girls, I have a confession to make. I love Benefit cosmetics, particularly their blushers and bronzers! The supercute packaging, the gorgeous colours, the vintage vibe, I love everything Benefit.

All in all, in the last three years, I have bought;
1 Hoola
3 10s
1 Sugarbomb
1 CORALista
1 Dallas

I've also bought pretty much most of their other products, but I will be saving those for another post entirely!

Below I'm going to show you my 4 current bronzers and blushers from Benefit and the lovely results you can get from them. All these products are £23.50, so all in all, I've spent over £150 on blushers and bronzers alone (whoopsie) but they are worth every penny.

As always, all the benefit blushers and bronzers come in gorgeous packaging you want to show off, and a perfect cheek brush to apply your colour on the go.


My number 1 favourite ever Benefit product you can no longer get hold of, and it makes me so sad! That product is 10, and I'm using it ever so sparingly in the hope that I can get to America before it runs out as it seems to still be available over there! I'm also blogging about it in a plea to Benefit to send me a lifetime supply so I never run out of it!

It is a gorgeous highlighter and bronzer combined, and as someone with zero cheekbones, it does a fabulous job at contouring my face and making my pasty skin look etherial and a lot more alive. As I apply the colour, I lightly wiggle the brush up and down my cheekbone to blend the two colours, creating gorgeous cheekbones and warmth to my skin. It also is AMAZING in photos.


The cutest coral pink blusher around, CORALista is a gorgeous warm tone with a touch of shimmer to add to the apples of your cheeks. It's really easy to build up to contour, or just to add a girly glow to your cheeks. It's got a cute little shimmer to it perfect for a summer glow!


This gorgeous bronzer is the lesser known bronzer sister to Hoola, and personally I think it's overlooked! It looks alot darker than Hoola, and has a slight browny-purple undertone. As all Benefit bronzers and blushers it has that lovely shimmer that means the sun is reflected off your cheeks, making them look healthy and full!

I love using Dallas to warm up my entire face on a particularly pasty day as it's not orange based so it's very subtle and natural. Obviously I use sparingly across my nose, chin and forehead, and often finish off with a little of my foundation powder on the top so I'm not too glittery! It's really easy to build across the cheeks to create a warm natural glow.


At first you might think the colours a bit intimidating...purple in a blusher? Really Benefit? However I promise you that the purple actually creates a lovely undertone to the colour. It's a gorgeous mix of coral, two pinks and a plum, giving you the best of all the blusher worlds. It's also a lifesaver when I'm going away and can't take all my make up with me. I know if I've got sugarbomb with me I've effectively got 4 blushers with me, ready to use as I wish! It lives in my handbag because I love it day to day.

As you can see my sugarbomb is well used!

All these blushers and bronzers (minus 10) are available online here and at Benefit counters for £23.50.

I've currently got a Debenhams gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and an afternoon with the lovely girls at the Benefit counter is calling me! What Benefit products should I invest in next?!

Becky x


  1. You gotta love a Benefit blusher! They're so pigmented and last forever- in love!! I love Coralista and Hervana at the moment. I've been lusting after Dallas for the longest time ever- it might have to be purchased very soon

    1. Hey Ellie! I know right, such an addiction! I definitely recommend picking up Dallas next time you get the chance. I haven't tried Hervana yet but I've heard such good things it's on the wish list :)

      Thanks for your comment and I'll check out your blog now :) Xx