Thursday 16 May 2013

Eylure - Eylove!

This morning I received a pair of Eylure Naturalites 083 eyelashes which were very kindly sent to me for my unbiased and honest opinion.

Eylure is a brand that I am very aware of and I use their glue religiously though they are not my 'go to' brand for eyelashes themself. I tend to stick with cheaper brands as I'm not the most graceful of people when it comes to the removal, especially after a night on the town!
Eylure can be found in all major beauty stores, ASOS and New Look also stock them, alongside many other retailers.

The falsies I received are described as 'Super Full which add fullness and length to lashes'.
I have very short eyelashes with very little natural curl (Boohoo!!) so I do like to wear a pair of falsies on a day to day basis. They give me a more open eyed look and I genuinely just feel more confident when I'm wearing them.

The eyelashes came with their own glue, which retails alone for around the £3 mark and will last quite some time! Application of the eyelashes was quick and simple. They are very flexible, which is great for me as I have rugby ball shaped eyes and find a rigid band a bit of a pain to work with. I found these a great deal easier to apply than the cheaper brands I use and I would say it was probably because of the flexibility in the band.
After application I applied a thin line, though not the neatest I might add, of liquid eyeliner. They looked nice, but I wasn't over the moon. They didn't look 'super' full, so I was a slightly disappointed at that point. However! Once I had applied one coat of mascara, they certainly lived up to their description! Absolutely not 'in your face - drag queen' fullness, but they were very thick looking and very dense. Although they were thick, they were also very feminine and 'doll like' which is super pretty in my opinion. They have a beautiful curl to them, which is great for the open eyed look that I like.

An extra coat of mascara will definitely change the look of the lashes massively, so they'd do a great job for the transition of day to night.
I'd without doubt purchase this pair of eyelashes again. I am very happy with the end result but the ease of application was the winning factor for me. I'd rather pay an extra 2 or 3 pounds for something that will take much less time to apply. I have since removed the eyelashes and they're definitely wearable again so the extra money spent is worth it, as I'll get at least another wear out of them, possibly two, if I remember to be careful when I'm taking them off!

Have you used eylure, maybe even this particular style before?! I'd love to hear what you think!

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