Tuesday 28 January 2014

I Scream for Eye Cream

Now I've never really cared for my eyes. I've always wore glasses and it sort of hid any bags or dark circles. But the last time I wore my contact lenses, my weeks of not sleeping properly have really caught up with me and my eyes looked really dark and sullen. I did not like this and it meant I had to cake on my make up around my eyes if I wanted to wear my contacts. That was until I started using eye creams.

At first I started using Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream which was ok, but it wasn't doing anything for me. When I went to Vegas I remembered I had gotten an Origins GinZing Eye Cream (RRP £23 for 15ml) which I started using and I loved and then for Christmas in a gift set I received Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream which is £24.50 for a full sized little tub. Now even I think these are a little pricey but for the outcomes, it's a good price to pay. (I can say though these little tubs last ages!!)

First up is Benefit's "It's Potent" eye cream. I mean this is a teeny tiny little tub but it's gorgeous! It's part of Benefit's skincare range (which is pretty alright) I'd say it's about 5-8ml of product, which is fine. The consistency of it is quite light and silky. There isn't much in the way of smell and it's really gentle on eyes. I've been using this as a day eye cream. Since I've been using it, I have seen a noticeable difference in my fine lines under my eyes and a reduction in my dark circles. 

It is a bit pricey when it comes to eye creams but it doesn't take a lot just a few little dabs under the eyes and a little bit of a rub-in, I see this tiny pot lasting me a good few months. 

Next up is Origins GinZing Eye Cream, this eye cream promises to brighten and depuff, and that it has done! Before I go onto the product itself, I want to take a second to admire the lovely packaging of it, I love the Orange and White, it's so clean and crisp, well worthy of a place on my cabinet. Now onto the product! It's really a lovely product, the only problem I have is I feel it's a little too thick, not quite as light as the Benefit but it works amazingly well, which is why I use this of a night before bed to prevent puffyness being too much of an issue in the morning. 

It's really creamy and has a hint of pearlescent about it (yanno, it looks pearly). Like all good Origins products, it smells lovely and fresh. Again it is pricey but the price you pay for this is worth the quality you get out. It really is luxurious and has vastly improved my dark circles and the bags that lack of sleep can bring on. 

Both of these products have worked magnificently well and live up to their Brand names! I really do love them and I can now go out in confidence with my contacts in without caking on the make up. I don't look like a student on Dissertation deadline day any more and feel great for that. Both products are available from their corresponding websites and also Boots.com and Larger Boots Stores. 

A Few Little Tips About Eye Creams:
  • As eyes are probably one of the most sensitive parts of the face, do a little patch test under your eye where you can feel cheek bone. 
  • Use what you need, a few little dabs will work better than a whole lather
  • Replace eye creams every 6 months (at most) 
  • If you have any problems with eye creams then stop using them! Believe me I've had sore eyes before and it's not nice. 
  • If irritation does occur you should rinse with warm water then rest damp cotton pads over your eyes to reduce any redness or soreness. 
  • There are some amazing cheaper alternatives, these are just the ones that have worked best for me. 
Do you also have a love for eye creams? Have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below. (Hey, that rhymed!) 

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  1. I'm quite demanding when it comes to eye creams, but the Origins cream sounds beautiful and I know that it smells amazing too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I am a sucker for an eyecream & have tried so many over the years. I really want to try the Origins one - it gets a lot of positive reviews

  3. Wow i look permanently knackered!! I need to be getting into this eye cream malarkey!! I know some things are pricey but i firmly believe that sometimes you have to pay that bit extra for quality. xx

  4. ahh my comments gone ?? It basically said: I really should start using eye cream now as I reach the big 3-0 next month :-S Great post x

  5. I am terribly lapse with eye cream. I must use them, do you know why you should discard after 6 months? I have the Origins GinZing Moisturiser and that is really good. Great for making skin less tired looking, will maybe add the eye cream too.

  6. this looks good i suffer from tired looking eyes and black circles also , tried boots before and i loved the efects x

  7. Eye cream is definitely worth investing in. The cheaper ones are so ineffective in my opinion.

  8. It's a bit expensive, but then again if you like it then it is worth paying. I am at the end of mine now, and my moisturiser - I am on the look out for a new one. As I get older (boooo!) my skin gets drier, so I might need some direction from your blog in a few weeks when mine has all gone! x

  9. I've never used eye creams but think I could do with starting, my poor tired eyes! I think i'd probably look for a cheaper alternative first though to test the waters

  10. Those looking for a cheaper alternative I have heard good things about no7's eye cream and the simple one was ok but wasnt great x

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