Sunday 25 May 2014


I Was lucky enough to receive this amazing package from Nouveau lashes, And take part in the #Ultrabondchallenge On Bank holiday weekend.

The package contained a pair of there infamous lashes and there Ultra bond glue, The challenge was to apply your lashes and the Ultra bond glue on the Friday, and not take them off until the Sunday night.. No glue can be that god right? 

The lashes them self where really nice and natural they didn't feel uncomfortable, and well to be 100% honest I forgot they where on! 

Now The weekend of the challenge I never got to go on a proper night out, It was mainly work and a few at the local with the work mates after as I was going on holiday when the Challenge ended on the Monday. So excuse these 'work selfies'

Friday, They where freshly applied and looked great, They just feel so natural and mend together with your lashes like there supposed to be there, I got alot of compliments on how good they looked.

Over the next 48 hours, I worked slept showered bathed.. And guess what? They didn't budge.. I half expected to wake up with what could only resemble spiders stuck to my cheeks that's totally never happened before after a night out! so I was very surprised to say the least!

I am blown away by the quality and longevity of these lashes and glue, As an avid Eyelash wearer I know it doesn't matter weather you wear £1 lashes or £20 lashes! as long as you have a good glue your set to go it really is an investment. Ultrabond glue retails at £12.95 and the lashes at £9.

So I passed the challenge, They lasted 3 whole days! You can see the results of this challenge by searching the hashtag #ultrabondchallenge 

Are you an avid Eyelash wearer like my self? Do you reckon you could pass this challenge please comment!!

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  1. they look wonderful!

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