Friday 9 May 2014

Fragrance Friday - The Fragrance Shop's Discovery Box

Now we've done a few of these reviews on here of these Discovery Boxes. They are amazing little boxes which contain lots of lovely brand spanking new perfume samples! Here at The Beauty Hot Squad, we've been thinking about doing a Fragrance Friday for a while so to start us off here's some of what The Fragrance Shop believe to be this Summers hottest scents. 

The Fragrance Shop's Discovery Box is just £25 subscription for the year. It's great if you're always on the look out for the newest smells around as these boxes only contain the hottest and most fabulous of fragrances. 

This one included 7 fragrances, 5 for her and 2 for him. 

Guerlain La Petit Robe Noire Couture EDP - Top notes of Raspberries with base notes of patchouli, moss and tonka bean and a warm heart of rose. It's an extremely fruity scent, it's one to definitely tread lightly with because it's very strong. I wouldn't personally wear this one but I do have people in mind that I would recommend this to. 

Givenchy Very Irresistible L'eau en Rose EDT - Top notes of blackberries which sparkle at the top with a musky base note and a heart of rose sorbet. This is my fave out of the whole lot! It's got a lovely rose scent which just channels completely through the entire scent. It's light and pleasant. A perfect scent for those who are looking for that signature smell. 

Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle EDP - With a vibrant blackcurrant tart top note and nougatine and amber base the turkish rose that runs through the heart of this scent envelopes it's essence throughout the whole fragrance. Ultimately, I'd hardly call this scent "Sensual" it's a lovely day to day perfume. I wouldn't save it for a special occasion but it does smell very sweet and tart.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire EDT - This scent is topped with neroli and bergamot tea, bases of white amber and heliotrope with a heart of floral and woody tones. This scent is for lack of other words, a real beaut. It's really nice and a close second to Givenchy. I've wanted to try Alien for ages and this edition of it hasn't disappointed. 

Elie Saab Le Parfum L'Eau Couture EDP - Fresh citrus runs through the top of this scent, also whiffs of bergamot and magnolia. Base notes of green almonds and an infusion of vanilla with a heart of orange blossom. This is definitely one for those who don't really do florally, it's an absolutely fabulous summer scent which I really think would be perfect for an occasion fragrance. 

The 2 male fragrances are Valentino Uomo EDT and Loewe Solo Sport EDT, they are both really quite nice. The Valentino is definitely one of those fragrances that would go fabulously with a man in a suit! 

The Discovery Box does not only contain lots of lovely samples it also contains vouchers to get money off the featured scents. It's definitely really worth it. So to all those perfume addicts out there, go out and purchase yourself a little sub to this! 

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  1. Oooh what a great idea and a perfect way to try out new scents without forking out for the bottle. Lovely Post, thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  2. How good! Perfume can be so expensive and the little tasters in the shops never truly reflect the sent! Great post.

  3. I love seeing and reading about boxes like these. You find so many brands that you would never really buy or have heard of before. Great review!