Saturday 29 March 2014

First Time Fringe! Opinions Wanted Please!

For a LONG time, I had the same hairstyle. Long hair, centre parting, blonde. Aside from dyeing it slightly different shades over the years, it stayed pretty much the same. I was majorly bored of it! So FINALLY I decided to do something about it, and got a fringe! 

I hadn't had a fringe since I was about 5, so it was a scary moment, but it was also one of those moments where I thought 'It's now or never', and I didn't want to live my whole life thinking 'what if I'd got a fringe'! And anyway, hair always grows!

At first I loved it, then I wasn't sure, now I like it but find it difficult to style sometimes. I'm still feeling unsure as to whether I will keep my fringe, so it would be really great to get some opinions.  Please comment and be as honest as you like!



Sorry I only have 2 photos of the new fringe so far!

What do you think, does it suit me or should I grow it out and go back to my old style? 

Ingrid x


  1. I think the fringe really suits you! It's a nice little change and if you decide you don't like it any more it won't take too long to grow it back out.

    S xo.

  2. I think it really suits you! I am debating getting a full fringe at the moment but I'm not sure? xx

    1. I think you should get one! I got one a couple of days ago, and I really love it. Be prepared to have to wash your fringe everyday though, try filling a basin with water, dipping your fringe in it (without getting the rest of your hair wet), rub in your shampoo, dunk your fringe in the water again to rinse the shampoo out and blowdry it as normal, maybe using a round brush. Judging by your picture, it would really suit you!!xx

  3. Aw thanks girls :) Nicole you should definitely do it! Otherwise you'll never know, and you can grow it out if you don't like it :) xx

  4. You look gorgeous!!! I think you did the right thing, the fringe look really suits you :-)

    Love, Christine♥