Tuesday 25 March 2014

First chance face tan - FakeBake

And last chance...This girls, has unfortunately been a huge let down. Let me tell you what Fake Bake have to say and then I'll give you my opinion.

'We've seen the BB's and CC's and now Fake Bake have introduced a revolutionary new product - and innovative DD (dynamic duo) anti-ageing facial tanner. 'The Face' is launching exclusively to M&S from March 31st to mid-may and promises to stimulate skin's cells to produce collagen; hydrating and plumping skin, turning back the signs of ageing whilst giving you a gorgeous sun-kissed colour at the same time.' 

Now as you can probably tell already, I ever so slightly disagree and here's why:

At 21, I don't actually have wrinkles, but theoretically that should mean this product should apply even, if not that then just slightly better... Wrong, this tan is fairly thick and although feels like its blending quite nicely for a second, it very quickly becomes almost impossible to blend (move around the face) and I had to start basically pushing it around, safe to say it didn't end well and left me looking patchy and uneven, it also really highlighted any open pores, something it claims it wont do on the box.

The only way I can describe the scent of this product is really unpleasant (it was quite offensive to my sense of smell), it doesn't have that typical biscuit smell, more of a very strong sicky smell, major apologies for wording there, lets just say, it's not pleasant, especially not so close to your nose!

'Sun-kissed' is not exactly how I would describe the colouring either. When you first squeeze it out it looks like melted dark chocolate, the second you start blending it, it becomes an awful, heavily red tinted orangey colour. Despite the shocking colour I turned I left it on over night as instructed, washed it off in the morning and it didn't look like I had used anything on my face, not even a hint of colour was left.

I tried using the product on my hands and arms as well to see if maybe it just didn't agree with my face but the same thing happened only it left my hands with a nasty reddy/orange stain affect once washed off, which thankfully only lasted a day as it came off in my next shower.

Over all I'm sorry to say, I would not recommend this, young or old, it is just no good.
Gutting for a product from Fake Bake, a few of the other girls from this blog have used Fake Bake products before and had great results and this is one that just doesn't add up at all. If I hadn't tried it myself already I'd have been totally sucked in by its luxurious packaging and amazing claims. 

Please let me know if any of you get your hands on this product and tell me your opinions, it would be great to know if it's any different on any of you :)

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