Tuesday 11 March 2014

A little bit of Heaven - Skincare Review.

I struggle embarrassingly with the condition of my skin through the winter, my skin disagreeing with the cold air and the whipping winds. Dry, flaky, scaly patches that don’t budge, at least not permanently, with any products I have tried. It’s pretty shameful.

I jumped at the chance to try some luxury skincare, in hopes that something I wouldn’t usually buy, could be my saviour.

I went sent, by Heaven skincare, the EllaJane Celebrity Organic Face Wipes priced at £7.30 for a pack of 30 and a 15ml pot of the Bee Venom Mask priced at £25.30 but does come in larger pots if required.

The first thing I noticed was obviously the packaging of the items, definitely quite a sophisticated look. I particularly love the monochrome box that the Bee Venom mask comes in, it screams luxury just looking at it!
I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the pack of facial wipes, considering there are 30 wipes in there; the packet is huge, giving me a good impression that these organic cloth wipes, made with naturally absorbent 70gsm 100% cotton are going to be of a decent size and thickness.

Firstly, the face wipes. I wasn’t wrong. These wipes are huge in comparison to the cheaper high street brands I have used in the past. They smell very pleasant, refreshing, a slight peppermint scent.
The wipes are textured in order to give a gentle deep clean of the skin whilst exfoliating, I definitely felt like my skin was deep cleaned after using them! The wipes remove my most stubborn mascara with ease, without resulting in me looking like a panda and my skin feels soft after using one, without leaving my skin feeling dry and tight. (Something else I’ve found with cheaper brands i’ve used!)
At £7.30, they are slightly more expensive than some, however, I do think the price reflects the quality of them.

The Bee Venom Mask, natures alternative to Botulinum Toxin, probably more commonly known as BOTOX to you and me, is made using natural and organic ingredients, including manuka honey, which has soothing and healing qualities, Shea butter, rose and lavender essential oils for softening and calming and the all important bee venom which works to control the facial muscles for lifting, tightening and firming.

I noticed a difference in my skin right away, as the skin reacts to the bee venom as if it has been stung (without the pain or discomfort!) which kick starts the production of elastin and collagen. My skin appeared to be more plump, glowing and refreshed, feeling softer to the touch.
I have been using the cream daily for little over two weeks now and the difference in my skin is incredible. My skin is more voluminous, plumper, and taut, the texture has improved significantly.

Not only that, I have noticed a great difference in how dry and flaky my skin appears to be, particularly in the most troublesome spot, around my nose, which has given me a massive confidence boost. Application of makeup since using the cream has improved, probably due to the texture and smoothness of the skin.
Heaven Skincare has taken my skin from dull and dry to absolutely ‘bee’-autiful! 
I couldn’t be happier with either product and will be looking into stockists local to me.

I highly recommend taking a browse around the website, http://www.heavenskincare.com/ as they supply products for all needs. From oily skin, to eczema and psoriasis, they even supply products for men and have a great variety of great gift ideas. 

Have you given any of the Heaven Skincare range a go? Let me know!


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