Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Perfect Eyelashes, By Agnes dos Santos

Without a doubt one of my favourite beauty products which I obsess over is my eyelashes. As an avid eyelash wearer I know a good false eyelash when I see one.

Perfect Eyelashes, By Agnes dos Santos was a whole new concept for me. From the minute I opened the packaging I was blown away by the quality and super luxurious packaging. Opening them up and reading 'You are beautiful' really made me smile. However as we all know. Its not about the packaging its the product in side that matters!

'Perfect Eyelashes premium strip lashes are handmade using real mink and delicately crafted to create the perfect fluttery lash, in a range of individual styles. The lashes are look elegant and will sit neatly on top of your own lashes.'

The eyelashes I am reviewing today are in the style Volume. As where being honest I will admit to you.. These eyelashes aren't cheap. My standards where very high! On the first use I thought yes they are really nice.. but the true test I set my self was wearing these everyday for a whole week and seeing how they stand. And 8 wears later are still in perfect condition as the day I first wore them II reckon if you only wore them on special occasions one pair would last you a long time.

 Just a little trim of the edges and they fitted on my eyelashes perfectly. They are so light weight and high quality that I actually forget I have them on. Do you ever worry that your eyelash is going to be falling off mid day...? I know I do! and have suffered the awkward 'Nicola your eyelashes are falling off...' with cheaper brands! These did not budge not once! Even though I used the exact same glue I always use.

They are voluminous yet not too long, which makes them look dramatic yet still natural at the same time.

Over all, These are without a doubt the nicest lashes I have ever had the privilege of using, I always thought why pay more when you can have cheap ones? Well let me tell you, Quality over quantity ladies! How many times have we paid £5 for a pair of lashes, that we use a few times and bin. 

If your looking for amazing eyelashes for special occasion, Or even lovely gift for someone.  I would recommend these lovely eyelashes. They usually retail at £25 But are currently on sale for £19.99 Here  They come in 4 different styles meaning there is for sure something to suit every one. Its worth noting these eyelashes do not come with glue, but you can pick up really good eyelash glue for so cheap anyway. I personally swear by my Ardel lash grip that can be bought on Amazon for under £4.

Nicola xx

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