Monday, 17 February 2014

Lashes for days ~ Ardell ~ Natural Style

Hey Sweeties!
'Ardell, America's Leading Lashes'... I can see why!

Ardell lashes - Natural style
This isn't so much a review, more of a 'product rave'. I LOVE these lashes and I don't even like falsies.
I struggle to find lashes worth wearing as I naturally have quite long ones anyway, but these just looked so beautiful I had to have them (valid excuse right?)
Up until today they had been sat on my vanity looking stunning but not getting any love... I needed to venture into town and couldn't be bothered to put my face on so decided I would pop them on and see if I felt like I could get away with going out with nothing other than lashes on, and clothes of course ~ I'm not that confident!
Turns out, I love them! They are long, fluttery, have a beautiful curl and give just the right amount of volume. On their own they allow you to look like you wake up looking bright eyed and beautiful with no effort required and they add something extra special to any makeup look, natural or dark and sultry.
They apply so easily, the band is super thin and bendy, they are incredibly lightweight and you can re use them.
10/10 , thumbs up, 5 stars! Amazing!
So if you can't tell. id seriously recommend these to anyone, even people like me that have never cared for falsies before.
Find them in superdrug or boots and online for around £5.00

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