Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beauty and Bounce, No Heat Hair. Sleep-In Rollers Review

Ever had hair envy of those girls with perfect looking hair? You know the ones, they hair the perfect amount of volume, bounce and curl! Think TOWIE! 

I've found out that it's really beyond easy to get that look, it just takes a little time. About 6 hours, but the work time all together is literally 1 hour. 

What you need:
  • Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Volume Spray
  • Tangle Taming Comb/Brush
  • Tail Comb
  • 20 Sleep-Rollers
  • Kirby Grips/Bobby Pins
  • Mark Hill Party The Night Away Hairspray

I washed my hair with Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and I blew my hair using my Wet Brush (Tangle Taming Brush) but not so much so it's still a little damp and then I slept...

...The morning after...

I gave my hair a once over with my Wet Brush and then got down to it. I used Sleep-In Rollers (£19.50 Boots) and I used a little spritz of Mark Hill Big Night Out Supersize Me Volume Spray on my hair before I put in the rollers. I roughly section my hair into sections not too thick and the same width as the roller. I repeated this with the rest of my hair and secured any loose rollers with a clip. My hair is quite long and thick and it took about 20 rollers to do my own hair. 

I then went over with a light misting with the hairspray. This was at about 1pm, I then sat in these for 5 hours, in that time I did the dishes, and cleaned the living room, even had a cheeky nap. I also did my make-up before I took my rollers out. When I did eventually take them out, I couldn't believe the bounce and curl my hair had at the ends. I started at my neck and worked my way forward. Once out, I teased the crown of my head with my tail comb. 

I never thought I'd have hair as gorgeous as this, ever. Thanks to sleep-in rollers I can have gorgeous hair all the time!! I finish my look with another spritz of hairspray. It kept all night aswell! Sleep-In Rollers are definitely one of my hair heroes. I've used heated rollers in the past to try and get a similar look but never quite achieved the amount of volume as this. 

Do you love Sleep-In Rollers too? Tell us in the comments :-)

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  1. Ohh you make these sound so easy to use, your hair looks lovely! I always struggle with normal rollers as they seem to make my hair spring off my head in odd directions right from the crown, how have you kept your roots so flat! Looking gorgeous x

  2. What a lovely result. Very vintage!!

  3. Your hair always looks lush kate! I may need to invest x

  4. You look great. I never considered even trying these rollers before, do they have 'teeth' that are likely to get entangled in hair like velcro rollers? If not, I'd definately try them.

  5. They do but they are relatively softer x

  6. Wow, final effect is stunning, well done!
    I never tried Sleep-In Rollers but I guess my hair might be too short for them

  7. I love the girls on TOWIE's hair, always so full of volume. I've recently began using rollers all the time and love the bounce they give. Your hair looks fab!

  8. Nice result! I used to do rollers etc at home with similar results. Not too lazy for the lengthy process.