Monday, 28 October 2013

Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette Review & Swatches

As you may be aware, two weeks ago I attended the Debenhams Beauty Press Show showcasing all the best Christmas beauty gifts available this year (full post on the event here)

That day I saw some amazing gifts, but one thing caught my eye above everything else, and I just could not get it out of my head until it was mine... The Clarins Essentials Palette.

Until now, I had never tried any Clarins make-up, in fact the only Clarins product I owned was the cult favourite, the Beauty Flash Balm so I was unsure what to expect in terms of quality, I was sold on the pure beauty of the 10 gorgeous neutral shades within the palette. 

Firstly let's talk about the packaging... I'm just going to come straight out and say I'm not a big fan. While I do like the stripes I think the colour choices are a bit dull and don't reflect the beauty within the packaging. I think it should have been designed to look a bit more special, it is limited edition after all. However, it's what's inside that matters...

10 soft neutral shades, all beautiful and more importantly all wearable... The shades don't have names, but instead are simply numbered 1-10 with one being the palest shade on the left and 10 being the darkest on the right. I actually like this as it keeps it simple without having to remember obscure shadow names (bootycall/snakebite/pistol - yes Urban Decay Naked2 I'm looking at you).

It's no coincidence I've brought up the Naked palettes, every neutral palette that comes to market has to compete Urban Decay as neutral palettes are what they do best but there's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, as a make-up junkie I thrive on it! I would consider this as the grown up version of the Naked Palettes, less glitter, less fuss, just simple good quality make-up.

You can actually take the plastic pan of eye-shadows out of the packaging... why? I have no idea

Quality wise it does not disappoint. Each eye-shadow is super soft and blendable and the colours work together perfectly. For some it does take a little bit of work to build up a deep shade, but I don't have an issue with this as I think it allows for more control over application. 

The palette comes with a cute double ended eye-shadow brush which I haven't really tested out properly, but I'm happy for one to be included.

Swatches of shades 1-10 (top-bottom)
You would be forgiven for thinking there was only 8 swatches but there is 10 I promise! Shades 1 & 2 are very natural base colours so it was quite difficult getting them to show up on camera.

Overall I absolutely adore this palette and will get a lot of use out of it!
I would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to the Naked palettes but it is limited edition so if you're interested, get in there quick!

You can purchase this palette from Debenhams for £35

What do you think of The Essentials Palette? Let me know in the comments below...

Linda x


  1. What lovely shades. I've not tried Clarins make up before, just their skincare. They will be perfect colours for the nude and nearly nude looks right up to smoky eyes!

    1. And unlike many other palettes, I would actually wear all of these shades! :) x

  2. Love it!
    Colours are great.
    I actually seen it few weeks back when I took trip to London. I was on the hunt for a new foundation but ended up with a eye cream instead...

    1. Haha! You sound just like me when shopping! I come home with everything apart from the one thing I needed! x