Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Love Boo Hair Care Trio Review

With many awards to their name, 'Love Boo', formerly 'Boo Boo' seem to have the seal of approval with Mums and children all over the globe!

I was kindly sent the Haircare trio, consisting of the shampoo, conditioner and de-tangling spray, to see if they get the thumbs up from my 2 year old daughter, Mia.

Mia's hair is a bit of a nightmare. Since birth she has had a full head of hair, although she has a lot, its quite thin. This paired with the fact she is the biggest whine bag known to man, means washing and combing can see a fair few tears. Not a happy time for Mia means an equally stressful time for Mummy!

Love Boo products are full of natural ingredients and the company say NO to parabens, sulphates, TEA, petrochemicals, synthetic colours, PEGS and DEA. Made in the UK with rich, luxurious ingredients including argan oil to leave hair silky and ultra-glossy as well as fig, coconut and papaya extract to help strengthen and condition, the hair care range promise to say goodbye to the Tangle Tantrums! Hoorah!

Although I think the packaging is lovely and it fits in with the brand well, I personally think these could be a bit brighter and more visually appealing to the children they're aimed at. 

The Shampoo is creamy almost pearlescent in colour and is a lovely thick formula. A little bit goes a long way and it lathers really well. The conditioner again is lovely and thick. Both products feel very luxurious. 

All three of these products smell gorgeous but not overbearing, great for little ones! A very fresh, clean smell with a hint of coconut. I found myself bugging Mia for more cuddles because it smells so yum!

After washing and towel drying Mia's hair I spritzed it with the de tangling spray. A comb glided straight through her hair, no problem and it was left to dry naturally.

It was immediately obvious once dry how shiny her hair was and it was silky soft to the touch. The only problem we did have was it left her hair slightly static, but as it's so thin, I'm yet to find a product that doesn't!

I've tried de-tangling sprays before and found they've been a one time wonder. Although it can be used on dry hair, I found the spray lasts for a few days, even after a full day at nursery, which is great and the smell is very long lasting. 

The products are priced singly at £8.99 each for the shampoo and conditioner and £11.99 for the de tangling spray or bought as a trio for £25. Quite pricey if you ask me, HOWEVER these products will last quite a while. I think the trio would make a great gift for any expecting Mum's. 

These products can be bought here along with many other products for Mum's and babies!

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