Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Relaxing With SenSpa

As someone who struggles to sleep and battles with anxiety I'm always looking for soothing, relaxing products to use at night. SenSpa were kind enough to send me some products from their Relaxing Sleep Therapy Range to test out. After a horrible weekend which involved a violent stomach bug and a mini meltdown I decided it was high time I tested out the goodies!

I ran a bath and used my Sleep Therapy Bath Soak to create some fluffy bubbles. The smell was divine and really filled the whole room. The products are 97% natural and I was a little concerned that all of the essential oils might upset my sensitive skin however it seems fine, my skin actually feels a little softer than usual thanks to all of the luxury ingredients.

The smell of the organic lavender filing the bathroom was really relaxing and the nourishing oils include bergamot, patchouli and geranium. I also used the Relaxing Body Wash to layer up the scent which was left lingering on my skin hours after my bath.

The final step was to slather on some of the Relaxing Body Butter which has the same rich relaxing scent as the other products. My only complaint is that it was so rich I actually struggled to squeeze it out of the tube!

After my little evening of indulgence I can report a restful nights sleep! An out and out success :) You can purchase the SenSpa products at Waitrose and they start at around £5.95 and they are currently on offer so snap them up.

Rach x

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