Wednesday 27 August 2014

Health Conscious Beauty- Nailberry

Recently, I was very kindly sent these two beautiful Nailberry nail polishes to have a play with. Nailberry was founded by Sonia Hully following the success of her Knightsbridge nail salon. Sonia noticed that theere was a huge gap in the market for a health-conscious nail brand. Nailberry prides itself on its guarantee never to test on animals and its "4-free formula"- free from formaldehyde, camphor, tolulene and phthalate (DBP). In essence its a healthy beauty product. I'm one of those people who will buy anything if it promises to be healthy. Wheatgrass shots may be the most disgusting tasting drink known to man but if it's going to help my health i'm all ears! It makes sense to take this mantra over to my beauty products and i've recently started looking at brands using much more natural ingredients.

Unlike wheatgrass, Nailberry polishes come in the most beautiful colours. I opened up my little parcel like a child on Christmas morning and was greeted with the gorgeous "Young and Fabulous" and "Nut cracker". They're perfect for the transition from summer into autumn and are perfect for me as I tend to stick to neutrals or rich berry shades in the winter. I've had a mooch around the website and they really do have some gorgeous shades! I have my eye on "Mystere" and "Noir Berry" for my next additions.

On to the polishes! I found that I needed two coats for Nutcracker and although two were okay for Young and Fabulous I preferred using three for the full opacity. As I expected with a salon brand, the polish didn't chip as quickly as my drug store nail varnishes and probably would have lasted the full week I tested each one out on anyone else but me! A few people actually asked me if I'd had my nails done at a salon which was a lovely compliment. 

The polishes are a little pricey at £13.50 a pop but I do think the quality speaks for itself. If you happen to be around Knightsbridge, prices are between £12 for a mini manicure and £55 for a Nailbery Mani and Pedi. 

What do you think about Health Conscious beauty brands? Should we be seeing more of them? Who are your favourites?

Kate A x

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