Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Goddess Guide - Giséle Scanlon: A Review

Before Christmas I decided to treat myself to this book. The Goddess Guide - a book which has been named The Style Bible by bookshops and websites alike. I have got to say I completely agree with this - Filled with wonderful tips and tricks, this book is for any girl who has a passion for fashion and beauty. 

Giséle Scanlon is a wonderful writer and illustrator who's passions are reflected in this book. From Fashion to Beauty to Travel to Garden and Home, this book has helpful hints and tricks for all of these. These are reflected through her Six Goddesses: Home, Office, Sex, Urban, Earth and Luxurious, who all appear throughout the book and these are who the tips and tricks are supposedly coming from.

With not only advice for the reader there is also a multitude of interviews with a few greats which include Shoe God - Christian Louboutin, who reveals his secret behind the sexy red soles. Make Up Maginfique - Laura Mercier, who talks about the perfect foundation. Heston Blumenthal - who's favourite things are an interesting read! There's more one of which includes a famous pig and frog combination! 

Scanlon's book is well worth a pick up, whether you're a student or a busy mum. This is easily a book which can be picked up whenever and carried on and looked over again! The tips in this guide are fantastic and it is a book which will leave you smiling whilst reading it because there are definitely parts in it that every single woman (and some men) will say "Ooh that's like me!".

So pick it up and have a read. You know you'd love to know what Pillow Talk Kermit and Miss Piggy have to offer ;-)

The Goddess Guide and The Goddess Guide II can be found in all good book stores and Amazon
To find more tips and tricks after you've read the book you can always go to The Goddess Guide website.

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  1. Love the design of the book! Looks like a good read.

  2. Sounds like a good helpful book.

  3. What a cool sounding book I haven't heard of it before but I'm off to look at Amazon now :) x

  4. I am going to write the title down and check these out! They sound brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oooh this sounds fab. Might have to treat myself.

  6. Sounds cool. What is the secret behind the red heel anyway? xxx