Thursday 9 January 2014

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation

Just before Christmas a package landed through my letterbox containing three different shades of newly released Eau de Teint foundation from L'Oreal. I have become a foundation horder recently so couldn't wait to try the shade most suited for me. I sent the two other shades to Kerri and Rachel to see what they thought of it too!

Top left is without foundation, although hard to tell with my lack of photography skills!

Firstly I love the sleek packaging, it's a small glass bottle containing 20ml so super handy for travelling. I tried shade 110 Warm Ivory which I believe is the second lightest shade available. Whenever I buy foundation I'm generally the palest shade in the selection and sometimes that even comes out too dark so I didn't have high hopes- shade wise. I needn't have been worried as the colour was easy to work with and I can get away with wearing it despite not being one I would have chosen myself.  The consistency of the liquid is a lot thinner than any I've tried before but I really do like it, so much that I have now bought the 100 Porcelain shade to use through out the colder months and it has been my go to foundation for day to day wear, Porcelain is just that bit more suited to my skin tone.

 L'Oreal Eau De Teint is available from Boots for £9.99, and as far as I can see only comes in 6 shades- hopefully more will follow! Keep reading to see what Kerri and Rachel think of the foundation L'Oreal say is 'Our lightest foundation yet' . 

The foundation gives a 'my skin on a very good day' look as you can see above and the texture is identical to the Armani foundation.
Natural beauty in a bottle. 
I love this foundation, even with my slightly awkward skin (in every way imaginable), this makes my skin look so bright, smooth and dare I say it, beautiful? I'm thinking this might be a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation which I had been testing out before hand and at a fraction of the price, that's got to be a win, right?
I have the shade 150~nude beige and although at first I thought it might be a little dark, it blended amazingly and matched perfectly! I had to add a little concealer due to some nasty hormonal breakouts but it smoothed over my pores and discolouration like a dream.  I think this would be the PERFECT summer foundation and I can't wait to use it when I start going back to my more 'fresh faced' look. Literally the only criticism I have about this product is the lack of a pump on the bottle... The foundation is so thin (watery) that it pours out and there is no controlling it. I find the only way to apply it without getting too much is to remove the lid, cover the top with my finger and shake so the foundation goes onto my finger and I can then dot it onto my face. Other than that, I can't fault it! I'd recommend this for all skin types.

I was really excited to try this foundation as L’Oreal is my favourite high street make up brand and I’ve always had a lot of success with their other offerings.
The texture of Eau De Teint is like nothing I’ve tried before, sort of like a soft velvety water! It smoothes into the skin like a dream, almost melting away. Even though the shade I have is slightly too dark for me I was pleasantly surprised by how it softened and blended it as I applied it and ended up matching nicely.
I have an awful lot of redness in my skin so I tend to go for a high coverage foundation to mask it as best as I can. Eau De Teint is of course a low coverage due to its water like feel, however it does seem very buildable. It masked my pores and imperfections beautifully and toned down my redness, perhaps not quite enough for me to wear it on an evening out but day to day I think it is perfect. I’ll definitely be wearing it for my daily trips to and from uni, especially because it’s so easy to apply it’ll mean I get an extra five minutes in bed!
I haven’t taken any pictures because I’m in the middle of a rather unpleasant dissertation related breakout but Kerri and Linzi have done a cracking job. I must say though that I think that the bottle is gorgeous, very luxury with its heavy glass feel and shimmering purple letters although you do need to go steady when pouring it out!
If you like an easy to apply, natural looking foundation then I would definitely recommend that you give Eau De Teint a try.

Have you tried Eau De Teint foundation? What do you think of it?

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