Friday 10 January 2014

Hair Dying!! How to..

Lately I have been feeling like my colours been looking a little too dark and I felt like I needed it brightening up a bit. So I took the brave step to lighten my hair (after an unsuccessful attempt when I was about 19, birthing my "Lemon Head" weekend). 

My hair just before Christmas.
I've always been one for colouring my hair. I've always just tried to gradually go from one colour to another but this time I took the plunge and lightened my hair because I want it to be BRIGHT RED! 

Now a few tips for dying your hair at home:
  • MOST IMPORTANT FIRSTLY! - Patch Test, allergies do occur so this is really important to do!
  • Use old towels!! One's that you're not too bothered if they get dye on (make sure they are a good size to cover neck and shoulders) Also old clothes. I have a hair dye towel and outfit. 
  • Make sure hair is fully brushed and tangle-free before applying a dye. 
  • If dying your hair RED then be prepared for what may look like a murder scene in your bathroom. 
  • USE THE GLOVES - Hair dye stains hands and fingers badly
  • Don't think "If I keep it on longer it will be a better colour", this is a complete myth - most at home hair dyes will stop working after 45 mins and that's the max you should really let your poor hair endure colouring.
  • It's not a quick process, especially if you're using brighter/dark coloured dyes. There's the process of mixing, applying, waiting, rinsing and then cleaning up after yourself. 

I used Schwarzkopf 00B MAX BLONDE "Max Blonde 00B offers maximum lightening up to 6 to 8 shades, even on naturally dark hair for the blondest result." To lighten my hair, with pretty shocking (and ginger results) 

Now I think it looks good light (my mum says otherwise) I was pretty much born to be a feisty red head. So I put the red dye on my hair, I used 35 REAL RED "Real Red 35 is a bright and vibrant red which gives you a vivid colour result." - I was a little shocked when I first put it on as my hair looked flaming bright ginger!! 

Now I don't recommend people do this all the time but it is really important that if you do that you really care for your hair afterwards, lots of deep conditioning and TLC!! I don't recommend people lighten their hair and then dye over it straight away, wait at least 12-48 hours before you do it as it can cause real damage. 

After you've rinsed, the full sachet of conditioner needs to be used. Cover your hair with it, go wild. It's a treat for your hair after the ordeal you've just put it through. 

Some aftercare tips for dying your hair at home: 
  • Invest in a tub of deep conditioning treatment
  • Use a hair mask at least once a week
  • Use colour friendly shampoos and conditioners to enhance and elongate your colour
And REMEMBER, the colour on the box, may not be the colour that your hair goes. Colour takes better to lighter shades, some colours take a lot easier to pre-lightened shades. 

As you can see, it's a little brighter than the Real Red shade I wanted but I think I will need to do another dye as it's a bit too bright but as I'm brave I'll work it for a week or so before I put my hair through any more trouble! 

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  1. Woah, that is brrrright But I like bright reds and gingers, so for me it's fine. I personally dye my hair with henna.