Wednesday 13 November 2013

Time for a change.

Lately I've been stuck in a hair rut. I've decided that in 2 weeks time I'm going to be getting the chop. I've recently dyed my hair a much darker shade of red with purple tones through it. Now haircuts, I'm really unsure which is why I'm enlisting you (our lovely readers) to help me.

Sorry about the quality of the pic!

Now I have been through every stage of the hair spectrum when it comes to styles. I've had it REALLY short and it's now really long. I do love my long length but would love to know what long style would suit me without taking too much off the length. At the present it's really long, really thick and like myself...really out of shape. I want something that keeps the length but makes it looks less thick and more shaped. Below are my own favourite styles I've had over the years

This is just to show you that I've had full fringes, side fringes, sweepy fringes, no fringe at all, longer styles, shorter styles and in betweeny styles. 

Now I have done the usual thing where I've looked at realistic hairstyles I could probably copy. Below are my faves:

(Clockwise from Top Left: Ashley Olsen, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Leighton Meester)

Please let me know your thoughts I would really love your help picking a style.

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  1. I like the Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence style...I like a fringe but it's just my personal preference...

  2. I'm a big fan of a fringe, so I'd definitely go with Leighton Meester's style! But then they are all nice, and I think they would probably all suit you! You'll have to share some after photos when you've made a decision! :)

    Janey x

  3. The Jennifer Lawrence style is lovely but I think that Ashley Olsen's style would suit you better. Can't wait to see what you decide to go with!

  4. I think the Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle looks the best.


  5. All four styles are really similar so at least you know the length you want to go. I think bangs (or you say here!) would look nice on you though.

  6. I think the Jennifer Lawrence looks the best.

  7. i really like Leighton Meester's hair in the pic, simple and effortless looking!

  8. I think you really suit a fringe lovely! I'e just had mine cut back in and I feel miles better for it. I like short SHORT fringes, like quirky ones, but I am never brave enough to do it. I always have it cut just above my eyebrows though - I never get time to pop in the hairdressers, so I like it short so it lasts me a few weeks at least!
    I'd say go for the woman bottom left of the square (I am so useless with celebs!) Give us an update post when you have yours done! x

  9. I think you's suit a Zooey D style fringe. My hair is so short but i'm dreaming of having long hair again x

  10. I think a sweeping fringe looks lovely on you so I'd go for the Ashley Olsen style. Love the red you've chosen too!