Thursday 21 November 2013

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Hair Care

Back in August, I was sent the Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Cream to review- see here. I loved it! At the end of my post I mentioned that the shampoo and conditioner from Australian Body Care we're next on my wishlist- wish granted, I'm now back to give them a mention!

There is no mistaking that these haircare items are from the same brand, simply but well packaged and informative. I have been using these for about a month now, although I must say I when I received these I had only just had my hair newly coloured- which is expensive as we know so I have been mixing these up in my haircare routine along with my usual hair products for coloured hair. 

Described as :
- 2% Tea Tree Oil
- Colourless, clear shampoo
- Rich and concentrated
- Cleanses hair and scalp, lathers and rinses easily
- Contains peppermint to cool and refresh
- Helps prevent dandruff and itchy scalp 

Again the tea tree oil scent is not over powering but makes your hair feel really clean and the peppermint is defiantly welcoming. From the short time and frequency I have used these I have felt even at once or twice a week, my scalp is less itchy- as claimed. I feel like I have to step up my haircare, and bodycare at the slightest hint of winter appearing as it seems to affect me easily! 

The conditioner compliments the shampoo excellently, I have been using this on my 6 year old daughter also as it is great for keeping long hair tangle free- always a battle in this house! I have enjoyed using these, priced at £8.50 each from FeelUnique for a 250ml bottle these are good value for money as you do not need to use a lot of product to achieve the claimed results. The only tiny little thing that wasn't quite 'there' for me was the shine, different products work in different ways for individuals- and I can easily use other items when styling my hair to get the look I desire so it isn't so much of an issue for me. 

Overall, a great product for yourself or your family. 


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