Tuesday 5 November 2013

Skinade ~ The final result!

   Hey sweeties!
I'm back with my final update on my skinade journey.
Apologies for putting the third and fourth week together, week 3 was super busy for me but I think I can fit everything into this post quite nicely :)

As you know, I didn't get off to the best start with skinade, however I am pleased to say that after finishing all 30 drinks I am pretty satisfied with the results.
I haven't noticed any huge differences in the appearance of my skin on a whole but I have really noticed the benefits of the drink.
My skin is a lot smoother and I think paired with some new skin care, it's worked well all together to even out my skin tone.
The biggest change i've noticed is how quickly my skin 'heals' now... I've been suffering with some pesky breakouts due to stress recently but compared to before I started Skinade, they don't stick around for half as long and i'm not left with the usual aftermath of red marks and 'scars'. 
My skin doesn't get quite as shiny and tight feeling anymore - again, I think that's down to a combination of my skin care routine and the drink working together.
Over all I think this is definitely worth the money and is a great addition to any serious skin care junkies routine.
I guess we'll see how my skin reacts now I've finished the drinks and I'll really be able to see the goodness it was doing! I would really consider investing in another month's worth.
What do you think about being able to drink your skin beautiful? Will you be trying it?

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