Thursday 28 November 2013

Marine Skin Science Skincare First Update.

I am always interested in trying out new skincare products, I am yet to find something that works brilliantly for my dry, Sensitive and acne prone skin, So when I was offered the chance to try out these Marine Skin Science products, I jumped at the chance! 

I have trialled this product religiously for 2-3 weeks, and wanted to share my first impressions and really get to know the products. Before giving a whole in-depth review after I have used it for awhile longer.

About the brand
They where first founded in 2001, In the heart of London's Medical and cosmetic centre,  and is renowned for delivering hi-tech cutting edge skin solutions for modern skin concerns.Our Skin Expert has sourced the very best hi-tech cutting-edge laser systems and advanced high performance Marine Skin Science skincare range which work in synergy, to deliver the maximum results for you and your skin.
Having Researched the brand, I was really impressed and intrigued to try these products, Because lets face it, They definitely know there stuff! They have a 6 step skincare regime and I was sent 3 of the items to try.

The products 
Marine Skin Science Deep Sea Cleanse £25.
This luxury light creamy cleanser very gently deep cleanses the skin. Eliminating daily impurities and make-up, whilst protecting the skins natural barrier. Leaving the skin feeling soft, Supple and primed ready for further skin products.

I use this skincare morning and night, Simply shaking the bottle before use and applying to the skin to remove make-up. As the cream thickens I then dampen with a little water and then really massage it into the skin rinse and remove with a face cloth. This makes my skin feel very smooth. 

Marine Skin Science Sea Polish. £39
This highly concentrated ultra-fine marine earth skin polish reveals fresh new skin, primed for increased product penetration. Targating blackheads, blocked pores, superficial pigmentation, dull even skin tone, sun damage, fine and deep lines. Leaves skin feeling soft and youthful looking.

This has to be one of the best exfoliters I have used, It is so very fine yet does the job amazingly, The idea with this product is to use it after the steam of a bath/shower and massage it into your pores, Dampening as the cream thickens. For 5 whole minutes, Meaning this really gets into your pores and defiantly feels like your at the spa!

A very thick, creamy white product with very fine particles.

Marine Skin Science Ocean Tone £25
This Pure Calming toner gently clarifies and purifies the complexion lifting away any last traces of cleanser. Gently tightens pores and restores balance to the skin, without upsetting the skins natural equilibrium. leaving the skin feeling refreshed , revitalised and primed.

This product is like the icing on the cake, simply sweep through your face on a cotton pad making my face just feel even more so refreshed.

My thoughts.
I have used these religiously, And I have to say the quality is like nothing I have ever experienced. These products are expensive but in my opinion you REALLY do get what you pay for in quality! The packaging is simple yet sleek I proudly display these in my bathroom.

I'm sorry for this picture! But to make this fair I wanted to show how my skin is getting along not with just words but with pictures, I had a lot of redness and angry spots along my chin/jaw which where just not budging at all.
Before                                                                                                 After
The first photo I took before I had used these products, My skin did break out alot more than this after a week of using these products. But as we all know your skin has to get worse before it gets better as it gets all that yuckiness and dirt out of your pores, and I was right my (photo 2) I still have spots, and some redness yes but my skin has settled down and is alot smoother, and no new blemishes have appeared. I have noticed my pores aren't as blocked and my skin isn't as red. This after only a few weeks of use I am really looking forward to trialling it out a bit more!

These products can be purchased exclusively here Don't forget to keep an eye out for my further review so hit that follow button so you don't miss out!

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