Friday, 4 July 2014

Re-buys - YSL Babydoll and Clarins Éclat Minute

I've just finished and repurchased two products that have become part of my daily life and that I could not live without!!

Firstly YSL's Babydoll mascara. Oh-my-days this is the best mascara I have every had the delight of using. I used to be a brush only girl when it came to mascaras (none of this new comb type rubbish - or so I thought!), but since being treated to this by the boyfriend last summer, this is my 3rd tube. I don't think thats too means I've spent about £60 on mascara in a year, which I think is a pretty good deal.

The tube is pretty, the brush thickens and lengthens, and it doesn't flake! This is the biggest thing for me, I'm often up early, a whole day at work rushing around, I need something that will stay put and keep me looking wide awake no matter what time of day it is! Debenhams currently have this mascara on offer from £24.50 to £20.41, a nice little saving which is why I picked one up!

Just such a pretty tube, how can you resist?!
So I take it back, I LOVE comb brushes now thanks to this beauty
I've also reinvested in Clarins Éclat Minute. A moisturising glossy product with a tint of colour, these were made for summers evenings and combined with a tan are just DIVINE. I've bought them in two colours, 02 and 04 - Apricot and Petal. If you want a bit of colour, shimmer plus moisture in this drying weather, this is the product for you. I love it, I pick a colour every single day to wear and I have one always in my handbag. These beauties are £18 and you can pick them up from any Clarins counter...I recommend if you're going on holiday to pick them up from duty free!

Pretty colours and a lovely soft applicator...I am in love!

What are your products you buy again and again and again? I'd love to know what you all swear by!

Becky xx

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