Saturday 12 July 2014

Holiday Essentials - Haircare

Here's my 2nd installment of my fave Holiday Essentials, read the first one here

Now this is when I get into my element when buying stuff for my holiday! I adore doing holiday hair, it's deffo my thing! Now again I prefer to get the Mini's but I do admit that if I'm going for a week or more I will get full sized versions of my shampoo and conditioners. But here are some of my fave minis.

First up my shampoo and conditioner. I love a bit of Aussie, the smell is amazing and it leaves my hair in really lovely condition. Aussie Miracle Moist is the best for my hair after years of colouring and heat that it infuses moisture back into my hair. 

If you're in a really hot place like Egypt, Turkey or Tunisia, I recommend also taking a good deep conditioner. As you know I love Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. It's great to use just once or twice because not only the sun but if you're keen on a dip in the pool then it's essential that you give your hair a deep condition otherwise it will be straw-ey and unmanageable.  

Then we move onto heat protection. I use this little TRESemmé Heat Protection Spray. I always use heat defence and especially on holiday because I know I'll end up using heat on my hair more than I do at home and it's always really important to protect your hair from heat. 

What use is an amazing holiday up do if it's not held into place. This is where the Silvikrin Classic Hairspray comes in. It's not sticky but it holds which in hot and humid weather is exactly what you need. It also has a barrier against UV which is what you need if you're using it to keep your do from day to night. 

And for when your hair needs a little freshen, who doesn't step to Batiste Dry Shampoo. I love the Blush version because it's lovely. I'm not a massive fan of dry shampoo in general but if I do need a freshen up then this is the only brand I would turn to. 

And finally, the one staple I cannot go on holiday without otherwise it would be a total disaster! Clips/BobbyPins/Kirby Grips, whatever they get called haha. I literally buy a pack of 200 from the poundshop.

I bought all of these (except the clips) in ASDA and they were £1.20 or 4 for £3. I will be back later on this week with my last Holiday Essentials post.

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  1. I love aussie, but sadly they react badly on me, but great essentials xo

  2. I loooove buying mini travel sized products for holiday, they so cuuuute! Found your blog through twitter at the #bbloggers chat. I've followed on Bloglovin! Olivia x