Tuesday 29 April 2014

Girl time ~ Femfresh ~ On the go & at home

Now here's a topic that is normally 'hush hush', well not any more. We're all girls here so let's just get to it.
Feminine hygiene is just as important as getting your eyeliner flicks symmetrical and it all adds up to feeling perfect, Femfresh  have it all covered.
Super affordable with simple yet lovely packaging, femfresh offer a range of intimate hygiene products including washes, wipes and deodorants.
In all honesty this is a brand I'd never considered trying, choosing to stay with my ordinary body washes instead, however I was lucky enough to be sent 2 products from the range, the Triple action soothing wash & the Feminine freshness wipes & can honestly say they are life changing & need to be tried to realise just how much of a difference they can make.

First up lets talk about the feminine freshness wipes.
Just to be clear, these are not like the 'wet wipes' some companies are offering us to 'change what we mean by clean'... They are not to replace 'loo roll' and they are not big sopping wet towels like them either. The packaging is just bigger than the palm of my hand making them perfect to throw in your bag, they are discrete and subtle. The wipes themselves are the perfect size and have a wonderfully fresh scent that is not over powering - just right, and wont leave you feeling (excuse the wording here) soggy and uncomfortable. They are perfect for every day use, when travelling and especially good for that dreaded time of the month as they really keep you feeling clean and soothed. For £1.59 I really can not say enough good things about them and will now always have a pack handy. Purchase here

Now for the Triple action soothing wash.
As you can see the bottle is pretty yet still subtle and for a bargain £3.69 you get so much product. Instead of rambling on about the goodness of the product I've tried to get a decent picture of the info on the bottle itself so have a read and believe me when I say it really is just as amazing/simple as it says. Like it says, 'soothes.cleanses.cares', It's another product you need to try to believe how drastic the difference is when using this compared to a regular body wash.
You can purchase this here.
Check out the entire range at femfresh.co.uk

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