Wednesday 20 August 2014

Invisibobble - The Traceless Hair Ring

I'm the type of girl who constantly wears her hair up. Ponytails, Scouse Buns and Top Knots, that's where it's at for me. When I was first sent these I was amazed at the amount I got, 12 in an assortment of colours, of which I chose Pink as a firm favourite! I was skeptical at first, I thought "this thing is going to stretch out so quickly and snap". But here's the thing, it didn't! 

Just to show how much I do actually wear my hair up! 

I wore an Invisibobble for 2 weeks almost everyday, and then the other day I used a normal bobble and OMG did I notice the difference! For the time I have been using the Invisibobble I have noticed less tension in my head, no snags, no kinks and so much less breakage! 

Lovely Packaging and TINY!

Invisibobble's are £3.75 in Boots and are available in so many colours. I have got Pink, White, Black and Yellow. Now this may sound excessive but they are so worth it, I'm so happy my headaches have gone less frequent. There are some fabulous tutorials on Invisibobble's YouTube Page.

Here is one of my favourites!

And they really are just as simple as that.

And when you haven't got your Invisibobble in you can wear one on your wrist and it won't look garish like regular hair bobbles can look like, it's quite a cute quirky little bracelet. You'd think that with all that stretching the bobble would lose it's shape but it doesn't! It's amazing, been recommending them to all of my friends. I've not had to use hair clips either because it holds everything up and when I use my donut I can secure loose hairs with the rings of the Invisibobble.

How my Invisibobble looks after 2 weeks of wear and stretching!

Bracelet Feature
Hair still high and in place after an 8am to 4pm Shift with a Headset on!

You can follow Invisibobble on Twitter @invisibobble they are always posting pictures on great ways to use an Invisibobble. I'd really love to think that these won't just be a fad and will be around for a long time because they are just so good! I think I'm going to get the Crystal Clear ones for my holidays.

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  1. wow these look great!! I often find normal hair bands snap my hair so I may have to try these out. x

  2. I think my hair are so long now that I would be able to use it too. I like the idea of it.