Thursday 17 October 2013

Skinade Journey ~ Update 2

 Hey sweeties!

So this was going to be my last update due to the taste of the drink making me feel a little icky, however, this morning I had the drink as I have done every day and felt fine! The taste is something I don't think I'll ever learn to enjoy but if it's not making me feel ill then I'm going to keep at it.

I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin other than that it is feeling slightly smoother, this being proved by how nicely my foundation now applies (bonus!), but it has only been 2 weeks. I'm hoping I'll get to the last drink and notice some serious improvements. The drink contains so much good stuff that I feel like it MUST be helping.
What I really like about this drink at the moment, although it sounds a little odd, is that it's nice to have some sort of routine to my mornings, it's encouraged me to really take care of my skin. I get up, shower, use all the good body scrubs, lotions and potions, eat breakfast and have my drink - I know I'm looking after myself.

After a bumpy start, I have high hopes for the final result!
Check back next week for my 3rd week update.

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