Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Batiste ~ Fuss free, fresh, clean hair in seconds!

This product needs no introduction, Batiste is every girls best friend.
However, if you've never heard of it, (where have you been?) allow me to introduce you to the life saver that is 'Batiste Dry Shampoo', the best of the best.
Going to a festival? Rough/long day? Late for work? Been to the gym? Need some extra volume/bounce? Need some added grip?
You name it, Batiste solves it all.
Simply shake it up and spray onto roots/any areas that are looking a bit greasy or simply need a little lift, rub it in with your finger tips and bam, your hair looks freshly washed with body and bounce, it also smells amazing!
Top tip : Girls with bleached or highlighted hair can use this to blend roots when you can't quite afford that full head of foils. "You're welcome" ;)

I'm obsessed with the Strength & Shine, but honestly love every single one I've tried... and I've tried nearly all of them. They come in numerous scents and have one to suit every need/hair type, they even have a selection for brunettes so you don't have to worry about white powder residue, all for a bargain price.
The before and after pictures below were taken after a long day at the Safari Park, by the end of it I had a big, tangled, soggy, greasy mess on my head. You can see for yourself how drastic the change is after using the dry shampoo, and that's before styling.

You can find them in  most stores including, Boots, Superdrug and all supermarkets.
Which is your favourite? Or have you just been inspired to try them, let me know! 

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